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Hi, My name is Sanakeshya, or Sana, i am doing my best here at myo,and i hope that you are too!!! im glad to see that you are visiting my site, that comforts my efforts to keep you entertained during you stay at my site, i have only a FEW-RULES here, and they are--#1.even though i allow swearing, keep it very reasonable, anybody will start looking like a moron when you start ubcessively swearing.#2. when you visit me, i aske that you act like you have some common sense, even if you dont, please act so...#3. please be kind to my friends, i hate othing more than an sneering ass-hole who hurts my friends, after all, my frineds are all i have.#4. lastly i ask that you enjoy your stay at my site and have a good time, just try not to offend me, cause my flying beaver tracker ninja will hunt you down and torture you in the worst way possible.....they'll make you laugh to death!!!!
well, luv ya much c'ya yours friend ~sana

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

im tired of thinking about the one thing that i cant have, i can work for everything else, but what good is anything else when the only thing y ou really want you cant have? all these things that people think matter, these materials that they think are worth so much, are they really still worth so much when they lose the one they love, is anything worth enough to make you forget the one thing that you want but cant have when that thing is the person you love, and how can you possibly get that person to love you the same as the love that you have for that person? how are you to make someone love you the way you love that person, are you really to continue the way you feel about that person if you cant have that person? what are you to do? what are you to do when your school work depends on the way that you think, but your problem is that you only think about her? so you cant even get your work done, when every night you go home and you try to drink away your pain and sorrow because it hurts so much, all you can do is put that bottle to your lips, and try to keep the tears from falling while you yourself falls all over the place, because you sway through the night trying to keep your thoughts off the one thing that makes you happy, but she's in love with somebody else, so she says!! when you know that truthfully that person she's in love with will never love her the way you love her, would you not think that it would hurt soo very deeply? wouldn't you think that it would cause enough pain to drive a man crazy inside his own mind? what do you think he should do with his life? what should he try to pursue when he believes in his heart there is nothing left for him? WHAT DO YOU THINK HE SHOULD DO?
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Friday, September 28, 2007

my heart is torn
hey everybody, i hope you are all doin ok, i havent been doing so well myself, i've been dealing with a lot of shit, and now, it just looks like its too much to handle, i just dont know what to do, i have lost one of the best friends that i ever had because of some petty ass 7th grade fuck decided to tell a bunch of people we were suppposedly haveing sex on the bus, but what really happened was she was having a bad day, and i sat with her and held her cause she was crying, and people say not everybody is an ass-hole,but now i've lost the best friend i ever had, to the one who said the shit, you know who you are--- THANKS YOU FUCKING ASS-HOLE, YOU FUCKED ME OVER YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!
to my friends, i hope y'all are doing well, hopefully everything turns out for you!!

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