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Hey People thanks for visiting my site ^^
My nameís Stephanie Iím 16 years old and I live In London
Want a career in car modification when Iím older (Iím a girly tom-boy kinda thing :P) but at the moment Iím stuck with a job as a waitress.
Most of my time is spent with friends, at work, or at school
My motto is: Live fast, die harder.
Donít wanna get old Iím like Peter Pan
I drink, used to smoke, and have never taken drugs
Obsessed with fashion clothes is one of my must haves J
Iím addicted to flash animations made by Adam Phillips on Newgrounds and Youtube
Hate people who steriotype other people
Drug takers suck ass
People who will lie to get attention need help in my oppinion
I go to see races in different race circuits in the U.K and Germany (but not often)
My fave music genreís are: Indie, Drum Ďní Bass, Trance and Dance
Want a monkey =D
Live for my friendsÖespecially James and Jess who I grew up with when I lived in Stockton
Anything else you want to know feel free to pm me or something..Iím unusually open so I wonít care what it is you wanna know :D

Pendulum - Tarantula (Drum Ďní Bass)

Dj Tiesto - Just be (Trance-biggest trance artist in the world)

Maximo Park - Our Velocity (Indie)

Friday, February 22, 2008

   I am not dead
hey people sorry for not posting for...well...forever, been a bit busy at work, woohoo ¨_¨. quit my job at the cheesey jazz bar place cos some old man asked if i wanted to join the mile high club with him *cringes* and I've found a job at another garage where I'm back to working with engines which I love, and doing paint jobs as well, pretty soon I'm gonna be taught how to do car vinyls and decals so I'm over the moon with that. The pays good for my age too I'm earning £7 an hour :D at a party tonight as well so I'll tell you how that goes too...how you guys been lately? My internets being queer and not working too well so I might not be able to comment on your posts but I will read them ^^
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

   Got ridda my postbox thingy :)
It started to annoy me not being able to see the video's. Not done much today just work again and ended up quitting because it sucks soooooooo much :) so I just came home and turned the music channels on and I heard this ammmazing song, it's by Goldfrapp and the song is called A & E this song is so different from their normal music which is normally disco-pop. Got some great news today as well :D once I pass my driving test when I'm 17 I'm getting a Honda S200! it's so much better than what i originally wanted as well so thank you mummy and daddy :)
Here's Goldfrapp - A & E

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

   I'm useless...Oooh yeaaaah :)
I'm confused with HTML again, and everything I'm trying to put on my site is messing up so....meh, I can't think of anything to talk about so I'll leave you with the first episode of Skins. Each episode is based around a different character, episode one is based around Tony. If you like this episode I'm thinking of uploading more episodes for you all :) hope you like it.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Background won't change! help! :) pwetty pweese
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Getting bored
I'm getting bored with doing my site so I'm just uploading some more music to it...these are all songs I luuuurv so hope you enjoy them ^^

Apollo Four Forty - Ain't Talking Bout Dub

The Prodigy (Legends :D) Ain't No Good, Start The Dance

Amy Macdonald - This Is The Life

Skins (Mentioned In My Last Post Secret Party..Made as a short episode to make us wait for series 2 that little bit more :P

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   Doing up my site again..for real this time
Got the day off school (WOOH!) and I ain't going to work since I fucking hate it :) so I got nothing to do so I'll do up my site again, dunno if it will end up better or worse but meh.
For those of you who know about a teenage sitcom called Skins (E4 or look it up on youtube there should be some Skins video's there) You should know what I'm talking about.
Mother said I have a Skins lifestyle (alcohol, sex, drugs...O.0) I came home slightly drunk on Saturday cos I was at a house party again, and my old boss was there again..the guy I worked for in the garage before it had to close down, I told him about my new cleavage-a-fied job and he just laughed and said "at least you have a job though" which I can't complain about so we just started talking about what we've been up to the past few days and how the hell he managed to have people working for him when he's only 19 (turns out he started the garage with his friend) and after that we went out on the town.. :D..and then my liver started to hate me..not good lol, so I'm cutting down on the booze now before i blow up and bits of me fly everywhere.
Went to go see my friends band yesterday as well, they play their own songs and they're genre is Indie which is huuuuuge in the U.K, that's all I have to talk about so yeah, I'm gonna start doing my site up now hope to see you all soon

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

   Steph has a brand new job
Steph is no longer a mechanic *sobs*..she works as a waitress in some cheesey jazz resteraunt...¨_¨ God help me I hate it already but it's the only place that would take me for some reason and the "uniform" has so much cleavage i might as well be on the menu it's that bad. But meh money is money ^^ havn't been up to much apart from that but the ickle little flat me and mummy lives in has been re-done :) Looks so amazing...you know one of those living rooms in Ikea magazines n stuff where it's all white and has a counter where the kitchen wall should be, and the floor sorta dips in at the middle of the living room? We gotta cheopo version ^^ lmao
Anything interesting happening with your lifes?

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