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Hello my name is Andrew, ive been here for oh maybe like over 2 years but i never get on hahaha! im very laid back and i play the guitar WAY to much.

God Bless

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

   yo peoplez!!!
hey its been a while since i update this site hasn't it?lol but hey its all for the right reasons i hope ^_^ anyway ive been really growing spiritally in my faith over these past months and let me tell you, its amazing to see what god can do in our lives when you submit to him *hi five for jesus* lol anyway things latley have been going great i hope for the same as all of you. anyway ive gotten much better on my guitar now, its like freaking awesome!! but i haven't wrotten any songs latley yet though but they are still in the making though. but im not going to rush it though. oh ya also ive been getting back into anime now and so im like wacthing digimon (ya digimon poeple) and stuff and it just reminds of the good old days of my younger self.anyway talk to yal later.

god blessing's

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

   Happy late V-Day everone!!!
well yes i hope everone had a good V-Day, i did fro once anyway yal sorry i haven't like posted anything up new latley ive been on myspace to much now.lol but im now starting to grow out of it now and hopefully start comeing here more often,and doing my daily thing(posting wise)anyway hows life been going on people?? its been somewhat good to me and some what not(only like 2 weeks ago) but ya like its so strange how life works now these days now though, its like you love someone and they love you and then like the hate you the next day?? im like what the fudge monkey?? so like thats not love poeple(just to let you know) thats like saying im going to open your heart and tear it to peices, so ya theres alittle pointer on that. ive been trying to work on songs to finish and post them but the lord hasn't given me any yet to finish, i think ive like lost the touch.but ya anyway mabe i jsut need to play in a band mabe....hhmmm any offers out there??lol anyway i hope all of ya are doing ok,and not getting into any kind of trouble or whatever yal are doing??


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Thursday, January 5, 2006

   what's life been latley?
well so far life has been having its ups and downs,and yet im trying to find the up of it cause this NEW schedule im on which really sucks and im sure some other people are having the sam problem also,but like i was saying its been hecktic and my friends are like all seprate from me so now im trying to makee new ones even though im still learning new social skills and so on,but anyway...todays been good for me i guess the lord has given me a blessed day cause i needed it after from yesterday.anyway now im trying to work on a new song which will hopefully been done soon and when im done ill post it sometime soon.well anyway i got nothing else much to say?

have a wonderful new year and a great day(includeing you chassidy ^_^)

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

   the past is gone the present is now....uh ya?^_^
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hey everone i just got over some issues going through my mind now and i took some pics with my sis. she straightened my curly hair and it did not turn out ok?lol oh well...anyway im now feeling alot better now over thinking about stuff and i just said screw it its not worth it keep going on,but ya anyway im feeling pretty good and i should have a song up not for to long.anyway ill try not to yal hanging,anyway im still having a great christmas holidays ^_^ well much wishes for all of yal.

enjoy the holidays while they last ^_^

much friend to everone

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Monday, December 19, 2005

   just when i relieze
well it looks like down hill for me for now,i just found out something and i didn't like it at all,but what the heck do i care,theres no need for me to get mad or depressed over something or someone i dont know about? but then again... im not so sure... i think i need to be more open to the real world.oh well thats, whats best to do i suppose. but then again..... sometimes its best not to know the truth but then again later on youll be glad so you can't build up feelings for that someone and then them getting washed away.......

so much for this world,theres always the after life.

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