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Hey, I am Belle and thanks for stopping by my site! I hope you enjoy your stay here! I love anime/manga, as you already know and some of my favorites are to the left! Rurouni Kenshin is my all time favorite, though. Lol, anyway, come back soon! Also, try to sign my GB on your way out!
Thanks! ^-^
Some info on me:
I figure skate. Bleh. I love dancing in the rain. I twitch a lot. I'm a vegetarian. I am a huge anime and manga fan. For those who don't know, anime and manga is japanese animation and graphic novels. They are quite amazing. Chase is my wife and my boyfriend. Haha. Don't ask. I love happy endings, and can't stand horror. They give me major nightmares. I often have my head in the clouds, and am convinced that magical things, such as unicorns and fairies are real. I love rainbows. They're so pretty. :) I have been confirmed a Methodist Christian at Methodist Temple, where I chose to love everyone and am willing to die for a stranger. I was baptized Sweden Borg in The New Church in Glenview, Illinois, where my dad grew up. My parents met at Taco Bell, and I am my mom's burrito.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I had such a fun weekend!!!! I went on two dates with my boyfriend this weekend. I swear I couldn't be any luckier. Well, and A in Algebra would be nice..... But oh well! I'm overjoyed right now!!! :)

Hmm.... I had a social studies test Friday. I learned something new. Trenton isn't in New York. Bleh. That means I missed at least one question.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hey. :)
I haven't been online in awhile. A long, long while. =.= Yeah, so last night, I updated my site. It was fun to do at 2:00 AM. I just thought I should say that anyone who wants to be my friend, just drop a comment or a message somewhere, and I will respond. I'm officially going to get on here more! :)

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Some videos of friends and me. :) Done and edited by me. Haha.

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