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"A single grain can change everything"
-Yume Kira Dream Shoppe
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

and then there was
the link is to my friend shinmi's youtube site including videos with me and my friends! really funny to watch
video of a pic slideshow of my house & my manga lol

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just getting ready for momocon, still deciding who to cosplay....on another note, i injured my shoulder and now have to take physical therapy for a month!!! hmm.... at least i cant participate in team sports now, yay!
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Monday, January 21, 2008

   the woman working at borders, or........? buying my 1st yaoi manga!!!!
yesterday, i went to borders with my 18 year-old bff Angel, and before we left i told her to bring her i.d. card so i could buy some 18+ yaoi manga(hee hee i'm such a naughty girl...). At the checkout though, the woman didnt notice, or didnt care that this particular manga was all wrapped up and inside was a huge 'warning-for adult readers only 18 years +' what was with her?!?!? i mean come on, that's explicit... and anyways, we don't look our age! Angel & look closer to 12 years old, so she shoulda been checking! lastly she was old & had to recheck me out 3 times, so she shoulda noticed..... anways, thanks angel for coming along & buying my explicit manga for me if you needed to... lucky for me i've got such caring 18+ friends with i.d.s who'll buy me explicit manga...(at least 2 so far^_^)

also it was snowing 2 days ago... so i did another vamp. knight photo shoot in the snow!!!!cold, but the pics came out pretty well..
& also we did a misa amane(deathnote) shoot.... now just gotta find the cord to hook up the digital camera to the computer...damn technology..
all in all...it never snows here!!!so how lucky was i that so far this winter it has snowed twice already!!!!!yay!

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Monday, December 31, 2007

   Happy New Year!
here's hoping next year was better than this year!! for me at least... on the plus side, i just put up my 2008 Naruto calendar!^_^
bats are cute... the only mammal that can fly...

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