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Hello! Konnichiwa! Guten tag! Bon jour (sp)! Hola! And more, but I just can't think of any). This is my humble site. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the random things I put up. (Just like home! Only, no ramen, and no tv... there IS Vic Mignogna however.. you just have to find him...:D)

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

  ._. why will no one update? Do you know how boring it is waiting for people to update? Audience: Geez. You have no life.
Yes, I'm aware of that. -.- (jerk)
Audience: What was that?
O_O.... nothing. Anyway, aside from arguing with the audience, I've had plenty of things to do while I wasn't on. Let's see...

I went to get measured so the seamstress can make my dress. It's gonna be mint green. I would've chosen a lime/neon/light green, but mint is fine too. (I like any color green. AND ORANGE!) :D
Unfortunately, now that Fern's back, Nadia and her decided to go to the beach! We were all planning to go, but I couldn't because it was the same day as the measuring. (Today) They left at 10 am and I was supposed to go with Krystal at 12:30. awww... well.. that's okay, I guess. Saved me from getting skin cancer. (Recap: I had major sunburn from last week) NADIA! FERN! You better've worn sunblock!! XD
I've FINALLY gotten the hang of using my manga pens! I've restarted my manga. I've only done a page (completely inked). It's not as easy as I thought! I've gotta go slow but not too slow or the lines won't come out right.
Plus I'm still workin' on that ficcy. A few people have read it. One person really liked it apparently. They even e-mailed me about it! XD Makes me happy. I wanna be a writer! >8D And an artist! And a manga-ka! And a chef like Emeril Lagassi (sp)! Okay, not really a chef, but I like to cook! (Even if the food doesn't always come out right, lol)
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Audience: You can't call dibs on a man.
I. Just. Did. >D

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Audience: ._. ?
My friend Krystal is having a quinceañera and I was chosen as a dama!!! O.O
Audience: a wha?
Okay, for those of you who don't know, a quinceañera is a spanish traditional party for when a girl turns fifteen. Quite like a "sweet sixteen" party. The quinceañera comes and chooses seven to fourteen "maids" (damas) to come with her and each dama must have an escort. (male. figures.)
We all (quinceañera, damas, escorts, family members, other friends) sit and have this dinner. After, the quinceañera dances the first traditional waltz with her father and other male relatives. Also, the damas and escorts must dance.
To sum it all up. A nightmare for me.
1. I'm going to have to wear a dress and possibly heels.
2. I'm going to need an escort
3. I'm going to have to do a couple of waltz's with the escort.
I don't like any of these things. I'm not particularly fond of wearing dresses. I'm rather shy. I can't think of any guy I know to ask him. I CAN'T DANCE!!!!!!! Krystal said she'd teach me, but it's going to take a lot of effort and work. I asked my mom who I'm supposed to ask and who do you think she chooses? NESTOR! A friend/enemy/evil person since the first grade, we always argue but somehow manage to get along (how this is possible, I don't know.) Still, there's no way I'm asking him. "Hey Nestor, wanna be my escort for Krystal's Quinceañera and dance with me?" GEEZ! >///< no no no! I don't want to ask my friend Brandon, I doubt he'd want to either. What will I do??? I'm going to have to think of someone because it's coming up in October. AUGHH! Don't worry Krystal, I'll come up with something! Maybe I'll ask Gabriel.

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