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I'm a big CLAMP fan. Just love their work. It's awesome!
Drawing is a big part of my life and I'm trying my best to improve it everyday!

Kya! I love this pose XD

They're just so adorable!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

kingdom bound and Canada
Things have been crazy around here as off late. Last wekk I went to Kingdom Bound. It was fun but not at the same time. If Marissa woulda went to more Kingdom bound events instead of the park i woulda had more fun but oh well. Can't change that. Me and Steph really got close during our time at Kingdom Bound So I'm happy for that.

On Monday I went To Canada with Dave and Noelle. It took as waaay to logn to get out there thou. Dave said we'd go at 3:30....He didn't pick me up til four then his car inspection finished at5 and he parked on the farthest spot on goat island and we had to walk to rainbow bridge then walk acorss the border so that took like another half hour to hour.....which sucked. But once I got there we got a little lost but found our way and had a kickin time with someone who i can not mention due to possibly having people find out and kill me. But we had a blast and I was so happy at one point I wanted to break down and cry. I've never wanted to cry because of happiness ever in my life except in these past few months.

Slept overnight at Noelle's then watched some TV with her the next morning until mom made me go to court with her and paint for church...which sucked cause i wanted to go to the movies with Noelle. Oh well, what can you do?

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Thursday, July 7, 2005

bored bored bored
I'm very bored. Yes I am.

Downloaded the TC OST today. I enjoyed it much! Gots a kanker soar from worrying too much though cause my dad won't talk to Wes' rents...Wes is a guy I met online and have been talking to for almost 5 months...He's coming to visit in August but if my rents don't talk to his he can't see me...which would so suck.

Got in a real swing to draw again. I always want to draw but sometimes i get in odd swings and then i really wanna draw....I can't explain it...

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

long enough, eh?
Yeah It's been quiet some time since i stopped by here. Sorry for that. I'm more of a deviant art person but this place has great art too! I just submitted a new wallpaper and fanart since I decided to update.

Life for me is extremly hectic one day then a total snooze the next. I won't go into detail of the past few months here. You can read that in my live journal if you want, you'll just have to add me to your friends list. http://www.livejournal.com/users/ssk_chan/

School is out! Today was my last exam so I'm really happy. Now it's time just to kick back, relax and get some well deserved sleep.
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