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Yes, this is my domain, scary huh?
Yeah,right im only scary when
Im on sugar, then that's ur cue to RUN! (haha)
Anyway, i love Naruto and i
love Rock lee with a passion ^_^ since he TOTALLY rocks!

Okay here's the overview:

Name: Gin-chan

Talents: Drawing, getting confused faster than a speeding bullet, staying on a computer for hours on end and not even realizing it, swimming, writing.

Hobbies:annoying the general public, watching/drawing anime, shopping, talking and wasting a hell of a lot of minutes XD

Loves: SUGAR!!!!!!
And manga. And anime. And Rock lee <3. And Squee. and and puppies!

haha well thats about it!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Okay, i leave for a couple weeks and i now have
NO idea what's going on!! TT_TT
i mean, i cant figure out the new otaku and it took me 2 months to just figure out myotaku!
(yes, thats how pathetic i am)
But what really makes me sad is how it seems that no one talks to me anymore and that no one comments or probably reads my posts! TT_TT
I feel really lonely...

I wonder if anyone even will read this post or
even CARE. Cause it sure doesnt seem like it..
I guess ill just go crawl into my emo corner again


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