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HI! we are actully two ppl! but we run this site together. we don't have the same B-Day but but we can only put one date in the side bar so, yeah. well WELCOME! we hope you like it here even a little bit ^^
sign the G-Book and all that stuff! Cya Later

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I still see the way it used to burn.
it is so hot inside the fire,lost desire the world of never. but lies are even better.
Don't cry when the sun sets but when the fire lets out flames.
don't get caught.
what you were taught was to be good and fair but when your alive people stare, when your dead it's too late.
but for now keep going straght or fallow a path you see and see alone.
don't get caught in never. sing for fovever and don't cry when you get home.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

narumi here...yeah whatever
anyways i see no one has been updatin in a while so im going to do it today...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!....well not yet anyways but im pretty sure that 2-dee isn't going to update... well see ya!well heres a pic i decided to add...

why not this picture!

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Sunday, October 2, 2005

hi everyone!!!
it's 2-Dee.
hey, guess what? i started playing Final Fantasy IX(9), man that game is soooo kool!! i love zidane! lol
i seem to be stck on a boss though. i hate it when you can't beat a boss!!!!!

oh, heres a pic

well, thats all i got today...sorry for yet another lame post

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Friday, September 30, 2005

wow, havent posted in a LONG time!!
i'm soooo sorry!!!!!!
i thought Narumi would update!!!!


i really am sorry...i plan on changeing aroung the site. and hopefuly make it active again!!

so, i'll cya around!

oh, and i'm sorry for any typos. i'm so anxious to get the new theme up!

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