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Monday, August 13, 2007

   hey there all you sexy people ^_~
sooooooooo there's not much to realllly say, i graduated yay, but alot of my friends who didn't go back to school today, so tht kinda blows, i'm not heading off to college quite yet, but acouple friends of mine are, i probably should soon, thts bout all, if you guys have myspace which is where i am most of the time, tell me or just add me myspace.com/carllebowisk later peoples ^_^
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Monday, July 9, 2007

ello ello ello
how's everybody over here doin???? i graduated a lil while abck i'm soo happy ^____^ , uhm other than tht though i haven't done much, i saw transformers and 1408. 1408 was a terrific movie i luved it, uhm transformers was better thsn i thought it'd be, there were a few things here and there i didn't care for, but other thwn tht it was lovely. so yea, anyways i'm bored so yea someone should tlk to me on aim or yahoo, my aim is sprankton666, my yahoo is carllebowisk@yahoo.com later guys ^_^
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

haven't posted in forever, anyways i have 3 days of school left yay!!!!! friday is my last day ^_^ , then saturday is my graduation ^_^ , i'm sooo very happy, i get out of valley highschool, i have so much crap to do after tht though, but oh well ^_^
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