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Saturday, April 3, 2010

now what!?!?
somehow when i was trying to put up a new backroung things went alittle wrong, i tried to put a picture of section 9 from ghost in the shell up but all that gave me was error messages,

so i tried to put a pick of gaara up till i could solve the problem but the picture is in tiny blocks and no matter how or what i do i cant get it as one big picture

iam sure theres a way and i'll figure it out but if anyone that reads this ( which i doubt anyone cares enough to even come to my profile anymore )can help me solve the problem i would be very gratefull

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what a week
this week has been a good week, i got me a new television so i can now play my games and watch t.v. gotten me a few parts for upgradeing my computer, i also found a very good website call omgpop.com at first i thought it sounded fishy but it turned out to be a good website, its kinda like candystand but not as much games and its alot funner draw with me is damn fun to play with others, most of their games if not all is online multiplayer and can be really fun

today i got me two baby chickens one's a hen the others a rooster, i have no clue how to take care of them but iam gonna have to learn before i end up killing them, i dont plan on eating these iam gonna keep em as pets and let them mate when they grow up to produce eggs for us so we dont have to buy anymore, we got lots of dogs cats kittens birds and cows you could call us a farm we got plenty of land for it,all my friends are farmers except they farm to produce money my farm is more of a petting zoo, haha pets i loves them

april is here which means storms storms and more storms, thats right its tornado season here in mississippi and for the next few weeks things are gonna get bad but iam sure i can handle it like i do every year

well i cant think of anything else to post right now. so if anyone still visits this site please leave me a comment tell me what you think

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

my return to the myotaku
my otaku seems dead no one seems to come to it and no one seems to update their profiles anymore, they are all on the new otaku site which i dont really like i prefer the old otaku,well everyone may have moved on but not me iam still here and its about time i posted something new, doubt anyone will be here to read this i guess this is just gonna be a space with me talking to myself ( which iam used to doing by now ) anyways i dont have anything to add to this now besides life is shit right now and final fantasy 13 is practically unbeatable once you reach chapter 11, i will be updateing my backround soon and i will be here every now and then to update


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Saturday, May 10, 2008

after a long break from this site iam back this time iam in the line of cosplaying my first cosplay ever will be nicholas d wolfwood from trigun since i look alot like him once i get the cross made ill take some pics and put them up
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ok i kno i have been gone for along time but now iam back and iam gonna start trying to add things to my profile daily even blogs and ifyour wondering why my backround is alittle fuzzy i did that on purpose its saposed to be fog but iam not that good at editing pics yetso it dont look so good
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Saturday, March 3, 2007

long delay
alright so i kno i said i'll have my site updated and i been trying but i have been busying tending to business i had on another website i think i got a idea what i want for my backround and if i can get help from someone iam gonna add profile music i'll try to have it up by next weekend but i cant promise as i have other things to do well i dont have anything else to say for now
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