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Welcome to my site. My name is Sirus. Im a Christian, and not ashamed to say it! ^^ If you're one, you should be proud too! Anyway, feel free to take a look around and stuff. But be warned! I DONT deal with flamers. ^^ Ok? Cool.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

For a good friend. You know who you are.
Broken Chains

Once by heartfelt love we were bound
But like a meteor, we hit the ground
Its like fighting against the tide in the oceans
We say we're in love, we're going through the motions
But its different when you call my name
Your voice is emotionless. We're broken chains
Used to be, I couldnt wait until I could see you
To tell you about my day, what I went through
Looking in your eyes, I saw my life and love there
I no longer see that, and I just dont care
You used to hold me close, whisper things in my ear
I barely see you now, those days are over I fear
I guess 'us' just wasnt part of the Plan
Dont be mad, just try to understand
Its not you babe, and its not me
Its just this realtionship wasnt meant to be
But as we drift apart, I want you to know
Lovers may part, but true friends never go.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

I have been horribly sick for....I cant even remember hoe long. Since before Valentines. Anyway, its a short post to let you all knoe Im back and alive thank God. I feel much better, and Im going to take my driving test on Friday, so if I pass, I'll have my lisence. ^^ Well, take care everyone.
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

   Im alive!!!!
Yeesh, I haven updated since Thanksgiving. Well, I had a great Christmas, I got to visit my family in Lima, Peru. That was awesome. We spent New Years shooting off fireworks. I got to see a ton of cool stuff and visit my cousins that I haven seen in forever. School's back in obviously, and I've been buried with work....which is why I havent been on. Life's been pretty normal,to the point of boring. The only really interseting thing is I got my drivers permit and Im practicing for the road test. Im getting a lot better with it. ^^ Well, I hope everyone is doing ok out there. See ya around guys and girls!
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Thursday, November 22, 2007

   Happy Turkey Day
Hey guys, whats up? Everythings pretty quiet over here, my sisters going crazy with the cooking, but Im forbidden from the kitchen 'cause Im sick....yet again. Ugh! And on a holiday too! It should be illegal! Like we should negotiate with the germs and tell them they cant make us sick on all federal holidays...and birthdays too! *cough cough* Yeah...my medicine must be getting to me. Anyway, have a good day everbody! ^^
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