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Friday, July 22, 2005

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Reading: "Pawns" chapter 30-In which we finally meet the evil fuhrer. Why is he evil? Oh, well, he just decided that kidnapping people so that the army could have more solders was a good idea. Also that whole mind-slave project was mean too.


".....Look. Isn't there something you could do?"

"Maybe if you made a large, wooden badger... "

-Ishi/audience memeber, CFUD

Its movie day.

Which basically boils down to me camping out on LJ in hopes someone posts spoilers and such.

Its also why I changed the BG and my icon. Its what I want to happen in the end. Not that whole "Look I'm a friggin noble person who would sacrifice himself to save the worlds" act.

About said BG and icon: Looks like official art, ne? Its not. Its fanart done by bushbaby_sama of LJ. Check out her site, shes a really brilliant artist.

CLICK HERE --->Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So basically, I'm going to be posting SPOILERS LIEK WHOA for about. . .maybe a week? You have been warned.

I finally got AOD working. It was being petulant for a while. I saw 9 and 10 on DNAngel, and 4 and 5 of Fumoffu. DNAngel was cool, I love the theme song. Fumoffu was hilarious.

AND PS9 is still being smarter then the average Computer program. . GAH. I have half a mind to ask someone I know to burn a copy of Adobe for me. It'd be illegal, but at least I WOULDEN'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THESE IDOTS!!

That=Bad sign

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

   meow meow meow

Woo. See, I can update.
Yeah, so anyways, its a prtty boring day, except that my BAKA, STUPID, FUGLY brother stole my gamecube in the middle of Mario sunshine. And then my cat attacked my scalp and made it bleed.
I'll dye him a nice orange next time.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

   I'M BAAAAACK!!!!!!!!1

I am SUCh a horrible person. I havent updated in WEEKS because I have been so busy. I'm sorry.
Anyway, All my finals and big tests are overwith, so ican devote mroe time to the otaku. I will visit sites, I promise. Oh, and I missed things, so here:


so yeah, I'll be seeing you all.

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Friday, April 22, 2005


FREE AT LAST! Okay, so the grounding is OVER but I had to put my cat back the original color, and he wan't sedated like last time, so Satan took out like half my hand. But I am alive now, and my baka brother has finally gotten off the computer (thank you threats of internet porn)I missed you all, but life is good here. U.E.B.F and I are going to see "Kung Fu Hustle" and we are celebrating some sort of anniversary so hes buying me another plushie, I wonder who it will be? (prays for Scar) AND I HAVEN'T SEEN FMA on adult swim in forever, but I watched the japanese version, so I think I got it. Oh, and JL; I also watched the one where Rose hits on Ed, its funny I'll send it to you.

Thats all for today, see you later. (I dyed my cat yellow, if thats what you wanted to know)

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

   Limes and cocnuts don't mix

rrr. even though I was home ALL day, I can never find the time to update and go see everyones site. I think it may be my ER, but eh. So I will go around and comment for everyone. Nothing new around her except that U.E.B.F. tried to cheer me up by brining me an Inuyasha plushie!ain't he sweet? And fugly brother is being a computer hog, even though ITS MY LAPTOP and never lets me on. The only way to get him off is to tell my ma that hes looking at porn. I don't think he is, but I am pretty sure he deserves it for something hes done in a past life.

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