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Yo I am Sparky3000!! Or Sparky for short,

I am an anime wallpaper maker, AMV artist, and a total Otaku fan.

Please come by and sign my guestbook

Oh and check out my wallpaper and my other art i made. I work really hard on them.

Oh please comment, i been having tons of people leeching my wallpapers without leaving an comments, its pretty sad.

anyway emjoy it here!!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's back!!
Yatta my mini site is back up!!!!!' how is everyone?!

so uppdates updates ummmm

first off:

I'm still making AMVs, A few won some mini anime contest. (whoot)

second: went to japan, last summer i had so much fun there.

third....ummmm of course some old fanart i made and put up during my trip to japan last summer.

fourth ummmmmmm oh yeah i'm out of high school and started college during the fall, i'm going to be entering my second year of College this fall.

fifth..well final exams are coming this months, drats, so i won't be posting much.

sixth: well getting into some anime lately:

Beck mongolian chop Squad *rock on BECK*
Code geass
Darker than Black
Sousie Aquarion
soul eater
SGT Frog

your going to see some more wallpaper from those animes in the future

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

wow i haven't update since forever,

sorry you guys i been busy with the tons of school work *put 10 gaint piles of school work on desk*

plus i'm busy on other sites, i barely have time to update.

Let see whats news..... Ummm

1. My birthday just pasted (feb 15th)
2. posted one of my old AMV that my friend posted.

3. FINALLY made a two new AMVs,

4. Found out the reason why i keep having trouble with my AMVs, is not the computter fault but the program (becuase it hates me)

5. all of my files got delete on the account of an evil moive making program. (BAKA Program)

6.AMV won 5th out of 43 entries in an AMV contest on youtube

7. Made 4 more e-cards

8. Made 24 new Wallpaper

9. Getting into black blood brothers and Darker than Black Recently

I think thats it,

thanks for signing my guestbook everyone, keep on going!!!

also to you freeloaders out there...... FOR HEAVEN SAKE COMMENT!!!!

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Friday, August 24, 2007

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