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Saturday, August 15, 2009

music - Le Ciel - KAT-TUN
time - 7:45 PM

NOTE - This post will probably be deleted since I'm not even suppose to post here. D: I'm suppose to be gone from the internet doing hw. ;____;

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OMG!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! omgomgomgomgomgomgomg CHINEN!! I watched VS Arashi (an arashi variety show) where Chinen and Yamada were on (and 2 other ppl but i didn't pay enough of attention to learn their names. xD)

yes, died. omg........................i love chinen and ohno so much now. D: LOVE!!!!!!!!!! omg.

*slaps herself*
anybody want links? no subs though. D: (this was better than VS arashi w/ toma and VS arashi w/ perfume. D: *dies* o___o and vs arashi w/ yamapi)

other thing, i got a car today. D: i don't like the paint job but...........it's a car. i needed one. ;______________; i want a paint job. but car!!!!!!!!! omg..............car.

all of this happened in one day.
chinen and car. omg.

can i name my car chinen now? T^T

chinen approves. T^T it was suppose to be called arashi. D:

i'm shutting up now. k? D:

this makes me laugh so hard. xD

lala.........do you really still want to comment old post? D: DON'T!! REST YO FINGER!!!!

everybody else.....sorry for inactiveness. look forward to more since i have a week to finish east of eden and i'm only half way done. D:


7:57 PM - time to update LJ D:

EDIT: anybody got a twitter? i'm on twitter a lot now. xD twitter is kobato16. TWEET ME PPL!! k? :3

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