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Monday, August 3, 2009

LIKE J-ROCK? WHOA!! and I'm bitchy in this........
music - Keep it real - ONE OK ROCK
time - 9:29 PM

1st...I ♥ this song. D: It's been on repeat since I found out about it 2 weeks ago.....I finally let someone know. o__o Don't hurt me.....I'm starting to like j-rock. Poor j-pop. D: [the lead singer was the 1st member to leave NewS. *gasp*]

2nd..........I'm f*cking pissed at my mom right now. gah, she can be such a bitch. all she cares about is herself and her son. bitch, you have other daughters, think about them too. T______T she knows that japanese is a big deal for me but now she's backing out of letting me take it. she knows I need it for college [finally told her that I want to minor in Japanese] but noooooooooo, she keeps backing out in buying me a car. making stupid excuses. gah, WTF IS WRONG WITH HER!!!? I need it for NORMAL school too. I have a f*cking complicated schedule next year. she's just adding to the stress I already have. The school year hasn't even started and I'm already stressing. I can't stop stressing about all the sh*t that's coming up..........T______T I'm really not happy w/ any of this. Stupid woman, I want out of this house NOW. I don't even want to go to college BUT b/c of them (AKA my whole entire family and friends, peers) I am.

And I have a feeling some major sh*t is gonna break out soon w/ my dad.

This post needs happy........NOW.

....I wanted "pretty asian boy" happy but.....I guess this will do. T____T GIVE ME MY PRETTY BOYS PLEASE!! I'M TOO PISSED TO SEARCH FOR ANYTHING.

crap happening in bullet form. :D
+ I'm annoyed w/ the DBSK crap going on. 3 of the members sued their talent agency b/c of money and other junk. SOOOOOO everybody starts worrying that they are gonna split up. OMFG. THEY SAID THEY WEREN'T SPLITTING UP. STFU STUPID FANGIRLS. srsly, STFU. It's DBSK forevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar ♥ !! Now STFU. D:
+ OHNO GOT HIMSELF IN ANOTHER SCANDAL!! LMFAO. Last year he got accused of smoking pot and getting it on w/ 2 chicks at the same time. (my man is a playa!! YES ♥.) This year, same crap is brought up but the AV actress (the one who brought this crap up) says she's got pictures. OOOOOOOH!! SCANDALOUS. And they have another Arashi member on there. Guess which.
. . . . .
. . . .
. . .
. .
Nino ♥. xD LMAO!! STONNED OHMIYA!!!!!!! lmfao. I laughed hard when I read this. (btw, nothing major even happened b/c of it. everything is a-ok.)
+ I think the guys of Alice Nine are cute. (apparently so does one of my friends xD)
+ THAR BE A NEW DRAMA FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!! Aiba drama.......I'm like.....shocked and excited.
+ I'm in a competition over who has the cuter icon against chibilala. RAWR. but..........I don't want to get rid of my Chinen icon. T___T

He be a cutie. :D spam me w/ this boy now
+ Ryo solo came on............reminds me I'm suppose to watch his drama..........Hikaru ^o^ oh..........and fall for kanjani8
+ how the heck did I fall for all this asian stuff? JE? WTF?
+ this was me when I started the post
D: But now I'm happier and ready to bitch at my mom when she comes back. :D
+ hooooooooooooooooooooooooo ......... I need to shut up.
+ ONE MORE THING. [crap, am I the only one who remembers Jackie Chan adventures cartoon? how Uncle would be like "ooooooooooone more thing" and then say some crazy stuff. xD] I'm like turning inactive again. I GOT SUMMER READING TO DO. D: I barely started and I have to be done the 24th. Yeah, I'm in trouble. LET THE STRESS BEGIN. I love you bbs!! Sorry but school is calling me And I say- "I'm SORRY you got the wrong numba so don't call me noooooooo more".

I LOVE THIS SONG!!! It's my other obsession. xD

omg..........this song.....stuck in my head for days now..................arashi, thank you for introducing this idiot to me

I SHUT UP NOW. :D BYE-BYE!!!!!!!!!!!
10:10 PM
when i say gay you say hoe

EDIT- OMFG!! MY COUNSELOR CHANGED MY SCHEDULE FOR ME!!! OMG!!! I'm so happy. No more Calculus AP BC. :D I have Calculus AP AB. YES!!! One less thing to stress about. :D

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