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Yo! Not much to say here. I'm just a huge fan of One Piece and Bleach. I am usually obsessed over an anime for like a month. I am also watching many new anime to get over my boredom. I'll probably add more here later.

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

   Still here...
I've been a little busy with the end of school and my grandmother (check out last post if you're confused). She's still alive, but not doing too well. Of course we all realized that no matter what she won't be returning to her house so I've been helping my mom clean out her house so we can sell it. We've also been claiming things in her house before my greedy rich aunt takes it all. Like she wanted all my Grandmother's paintings that me grandmother painted because her daughter's an art major. What a lousy excuse.

My privileges have not returned because I haven't talked to Adam yet. I was told they were taken away because a lot of my walls were reported for stupid reasons. I hope to get my privileges back soon because I made 20 to 30 walls and want to submit them. Well...later.

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