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Hello and welcome to my site! Sign my gb, look at my art, send me a pm or just look blankly at my page and run away whatever you want to do^^ Ill sign your gb if you sign mine^^ Anyways bye!
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Friday, July 27, 2007

I meant to get to everyones site yesterday and get up my paret of the trade as well. but yesterday didnt play to my tune. Me and my friends went shopping and as I got on the bus I whacked my head on the cieling and had a headache and felt woozy for the rest of the day. When I got home I just flaked out on the couch. So now today departure day I wont be back til the 11th. Ill miss you all very much and do sorry I coulldnt get to your sites and Animewolf im so so sorry I couldnt put up my part of the trade but I totally runied it so I have to start again! Bye you guys and if anything big happens pm me and tell me so I dont miss out^_^ BYE!!!!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I think on monday I was gonna made a post but it came out sounding so sad and negative that I didnt and well now I have a happy post instead^_^ Yesterday I went to see Hairspray with my friend. That movie is SO AWESOME!!!! We were dancing the whole way home^_^ Then today emmm I cut the grass nd did some packing. Im going away(again) on Friday to the west of Ireland (again but differesnt county at least). Then after a week there im going to Spain. SO I wont be here for a long time /_\ Unless I find a way!!! Ohhh I got my school books today!!! Yay they look very interesting, especially my art and my classical study books. The maths looks terrifying. My second last year in high school!!! Woot bring on the leaving cert. Anyway talk to you crazy cats tomorrow for my farewell post!
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