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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Iraq has won the Asian Cup 2007!
Okay, okay, I know, football ranting, but, dudes and dudettes, I shall tell you the reasons why this is a fucking miracle/underdog/amazing/incredible story for the Iraqi's and incredible tournament!

Okayz. I shall start describing to youz why this is an underdog story for the Iraqis. Okay *Takes deep breath*

Everyone knows that Iraq is a war-torn country controlled by Chaos and American Soldiers that don't even deserve to be there. Constantly people worry whether they'll live tomarrrow--much chaos about those things (I wanna stop describing Iraq--It'll make me look like an awful steriotype).

Right, so yeah, since everyone knows that, the Iraqi team can't even train in their own country...

Erm, Okay, peoples, did you read the italicized? That's right! They can't even train in their country because of what is currently going on! They had to train in Korea (Which is insanely comical and ironic due to the fact that they have beaten us. Good for them though--honestly). Oh, and erm, the teammates didn't even know each other until they started training, which was 2.5 months ago before the actual tournament. Okay kiddies? 2.5 months ago, before the prelimianries--to qualify. To train for a tournament where Asian countries all over the world are going to compete in. 2.5 months ins't really a long time, since you're talking about teams that qualify for the world cup and have at least trained longer than 10 years (Possibly). Individually and unified for their nation. Incredible, ennit? Oh, and Iraq hasn't even qualified for the World Cup.

Okay, they qualified for the Asian Cup right? This alone is a huge feat--they had qualified for the Asian Cup although people didn't even think that would happen. Meh, it's not much of a feat right? Well, eventually, when the tournament starts, they come out on top of their group, which is against Australia (They beat 3-1 and Australia was considered to possibly be one of the winners of the Asian Cup), Oman, and some other team. Anyway, this is some UBER crazyness for the Iraqi team, consdiering they haven't gone to the next round in 32 years. Incredible.

Oh, now they fight against Vietnam--one of the Co-Hosts of the tournament--which means that there could possibly be a shitload of fans against Iraq! Yet! they come out on top! 2-0 (Or 3-1? 2-1? Not exactly sure..), but they're up to the next round! INSANE! This hasn't happened in Iraqi football ever. Already, the Iraqi team has made history!

And next, they fight South Korea, one of the probable winners of the Asian Cup--yet the beat them through Penalties! The defense was able to withlast for 120 minutes, and eventually got to Penalty Kicks, where the Goalkeeper did brilliantly and was able to knock out one of the South Korean's kicks, and then pressure the other to mishit his shot! This was the game where the Iraqi goalkeeper shined--he showed the world that such upsets were not fiction, or simply in storybooks--cause that's what he pulled! So undeniably! They were able to get to the finals!

Here, they scored against Saudi Arabia (Which were aiming for their 4th Cup in their name, btw), and were able to defeat the powerhouse of the Middle East! FUCKING CRAZY!

Okay, so I realize how this has become insanely lengthy, but what I wanted to emphasize was that the Iraqi's did an eye popping job to surprise the world of football, and not only that, tell you guys how Iraqi football unified their country. The Iraqi government had said how they had done something the government couldn't--unite their people. And you know what? That's football at it's finest. The Iraqi's showed why Football is so spectacular. Why football is such a big deal to kids and adults alike. This game is international--and all you need is some rocks to make goals, and a football. That's it. And you know what? The Iraqi's made history with this "sport" and was able to unify their beat down country--after all---who wouldn't want to celebrate with their nation together, when they created one of the biggest upsets in Asian Football history? The odds were against them, their country possibly made the team look extremely discouraging, yet the were able to defeat the strongest of teams--Australia, Korea, and even Saudi Arabia to take home the cup!

This is a feat that undeniably, deserves repect and celebration. Congratulations to the Iraq National Football team! Who managed to upset the world and take home the Asian Cup!
-Soulstealer ||| Seccon

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