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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Any way it's not like anyone cares what I say on here so here it goes sorry I haven't been on at all I forgot I'm password, forgot the name of the website, had no internet plus I had moved to Arizona for college.
Everythings ok over here I guess but I had a lot of trouble of geting over here in Az since I had no one to help me with the money for college. I had to find a way to get money and now that I did I don't have no more so now I have to find a job.
It kind of sucks though because it's not kind of not easy for me to make new friends though I do talk to maybe 3 people in my class some times. Puls I have night class as well so it's kind of hard for me. Well that's all I have to say for now well whatever I'm out.

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Sunday, May 7, 2006

   Prom night
Yesterday me and Kada went to the seiner's prom with our two friends I must say the prom was ok I guess I had some fun until I started getting a migraine.
As for the music it suck ass but they did play one good music and that was photograph but other then that the music still suck ass so we left hey I don't blame myself for leaving but as for my two best friends I felt like they were missing out on there prom.

I told them to go back in but they didn't want to so me and Kada went back in just for them to enjoy the prom well there prom at less.
There was ice cream outside don't even ask why it was outside and not inside. I'm telling you my school is weird and stupid well mostly stupid...stupid funny that is lol.

Well I have to say this, this is the only thing and only reason why I'm writing or typing this out is because of what I did to this person Andrew Bush lol me and my friends well never forget this even when it was on there prom night to.

I made a mistake for this guy Andrew Bush for one of my friends. Andrew Bush was dancing and the four of us were eating ice cream and his over here across for us and then all I said out of no where "Hey loser what are you doing." My friend told me that was the poplar guy. And the as the three of them started laughing the only thing I could do was holy shit.
At first I thought it was one of my friends well now I know it wasn't lol after we ate the ice cream we went back in to the room with all the idiots dancing. Well they started calling people up to the floor and you'll never know who the king was.

The king was Andrew Bush Kada and the others started laughing and smiling Kada whispered to me "hey his the one you called loser" so the three of them look at me we all laugh and smiled.
So yeah I called the king a loser lol. What a night I had oh and I got a glow in the dark thing they were giving them away. As soon as me and Kada went home we fell a sleep in what we were wearing.

Oh and just so you know I'm not a seiner.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

   Losing Hope
To keep you warm all night
Suddenly as it gets colder
Your heart starts to turn cold

You know that person isn't coming
You know they let you down
As the wind starts to blow
Harder you feel alone.

Feeling sorry for yourself.
It's too much to handle
You make a decision to kill

Lying on the floor you start
To realize all the memories
Of you loved onesin your family
You will leave behind

You start to...
Close your eyes...
For just...

The fire goes out.

Hinito Yuy

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Just a question!

I have a question. Will you answer? How can you look at me and tell me not to cry, when you, yourself are crying inside?

How can you smile and tell me all is fine, when you are broken and hiding behind your lies?

How can you look so peacefully when you sleep and yet still see the nightmares you lived?

How can you be my light when you are living in complete darkness?

But mostly, how can you tell me you love me when you don't even love yourself.

But what I really want to ask is: Can I hold you and love you and keep you for myself?

Because you are my strength, and 'cause of that, we never carry our burdens alone.

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