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ha! sadly you have found my site. im just your typical loser. you know bad with everything but school. im a fan of anime that no on has heard of and i like dark colors and shadows. well enjoy your stay and please sign my gb and if you want to im me just tell me. ok PEACE.

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if anyone would like to know when the new parts of the story comes out just pm me and say so.

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Saturday, July 1, 2006

yeah i am not dead so stop partying on my grave
sorry i have been busy and i do not think i can go to many sites not sure yet. oh and yeah i am not dead like the top says. haha sorry can't get rid of me that easy. well i am off and furubarin: i understod and well i just do not like being happy a lot or at all haha but oddly all the people i think who would be better if they never meet me -even if it is just on the net- seem like i have helped them and can't leave so even if i am not happy if they are then i am fine peace^^
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Friday, June 16, 2006

i am back^^
haha to all my friends i say thanks. to all i love i say i am trying to get stronger for you all. i no longer want to be weak so for you all i will stay strong. haha now on with the post. i am still trying to get to where i am going -bad thing is i do not know where that is- i think my reason to live is to make people happy. i sorta have done a good job at it and i guess i can get better or worse depending on how the dice land haha. i am still alive and still trying to find out why i am negative still. haha it is not as easy as you think well peace and to all who are alive live and show you can to prove you are alive keep walking.^^
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Friday, June 9, 2006

i am sorry i will not be around to vist sites for a bit so yeah you can remove me if youi so wish i leave that up to you and well sorry soul repear tikaya -sp- i will not be around to comment so please forgive me. peace for a bit
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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

haha new rule here^^
ok i decided that if you are on my buddy list and update i am going to comment wether or not you came to my site or not. peace and haha have a great day peace^^
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Sunday, June 4, 2006

kitabug no offence but please do not read you will get mad
why am i here? what is my meaning oh God why do i screw everything up when will i learn to shut up and stay away from people so not to hurt them? i know i sound crazy but really i am not going to off myself and well i hate my self now more then ever cause i hurt some one who has been nothing but nice to me because i was asking myself this stuff in my head and yes only one ? that is because i asked them all so fast well before i go nuts and loss one of the greatest people in my life i need to shut up and let her yell at me or even let her leave me peace and when you read this-one i am talking about- i am sorry and i never will be trusted the same with you and that is a shame seeing as no one knows me more or even close to how you know me. ~every day my world gets darker and my soul more scared the pain grows and my heart burns does death wait for me in hel* or am i going to stay here chained to a grave to pay for my sins.
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