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Monday, September 29, 2008

   taggedpost xD

So I decided to take this questionnaire because it looks like fun =D And Sayura-chan said she tagged anyone who knew her.

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!


1. Kotori
2. Haneri
3. Kaze
4. Zakex

1) How old are you?

Kotori: I'm 15 ^^
Haneri: ... I'm not sure .__.
Kaze: 17
Zakex: That's for me to know, and you to find out ;D

2) Height?

Kotori: I'd say -measures self- about 5'5"
Haneri: Huh... maybe the same as Kotori...
Kaze: Let's see... 5'10"?
Zakex: I'm tall, handsome, and a gentleman, love~

3) Got any bad habits??

Kotori: Ah... taking photos with new friends ^^;
Haneri: I am too weak...
Kaze: ... too quiet... I'm always quiet.
Zakex: Are there any that are worth mentioning? But anyway, are you free tonight, love?

4) You a virgin?

Kotori: What kind of question is this!? o//o
Haneri: Huh? -confuzzled-
Kaze: What? o//o
Zakex: Why would you like to know? =D

5) Who's your mate/spouse?

Kotori: Uhhh... no one >//<
Haneri: Mate?
Kaze: I haven't committed myself to one yet...
Zakex: Mmhmm -counts- I've had way too many xD

6) Have Any Kids?

Kotori and Kaze: WHAT IS THIS QUESTION!?
Haneri: Can Nobodies have kids? -directed at Zakex-
Zakex: -pats head- Uhh, love, I'm not sure ^^;;

7) Favorite Food?

Kotori: I like cake =D
Haneri: Huh, I don't have one...
Kaze: I'd have to say... ice cream.
Zakex: Chocolate ;D

8) Favorite Ice Cream flavor?

Kotori and Kaze: Sea salt~
Haneri: Ice cream?
Zakex: I'll need to give some, love~ -directed at Haneri-

9) Killed anyone?

Kotori: Just Heartless and Nobodies~
Haneri: I could never bring myself to do that.
Kaze: Heartless, Nobodies, anything that stood in my way.
Zakex: ...

10) Hate anyone?

Kotori: Xehanort, he started this whole mess.
Haneri: The organization...
Kaze: Xemnas... for he caused Kotori pain...
Zakex: Sorry, love, this is something I'll be keeping private.

11) Any Secrets?

Kotori: None that I know of as of now ^^;
Haneri: I can... see the future...
Kaze: Plenty of them.
Zakex: There's a lot of them... but that's a tale for another day, love ;D

12) Love Anyone?

Kotori: Uhh... Kaze >//<
Haneri: I... -blushes-
Kaze: Kotori.
Zakex: Many... -looks at Haneri- but she's something -smiles-

13) TACOS?

Kotori: I've never had one.
Haneri: Taco?
Kaze: ... no..
Zakex: Sounds delicious =D

14) Ever slept in All day?

Kotori: No, there's too much to do!
Haneri: If I can, that's what I'll do.
Kaze: Too much to do for so little time.
Zakex: I need my beauty sleep~

15) Eye color?

Kotori: Light blue~
Haneri: Uhh... light blue.
Kaze: Dark green
Zakex: Dark green eyes that sparkle like gems ;D

16) Skin?

Kotori: I'd say fair... I guess.
Haneri: ... Pale...
Kaze: Hmmm, it's fair.
Zakex: My marble skin that's very smooth, love ;D

17) Fat/Average/Slim?

Kotori: Ahh... average?
Haneri: Uhhh~
Kaze: Let's go with average.
Zakex: Slim and fit.

18) Rain, sunshine?

Kotori: Either will work for me ^^
Haneri: I've never seen rain before...
Kaze: The rain.
Zakex: The sunshine. Man, is it nice!

19) Pool, Beach?

Kotori: I'd like to got the beach, it's fun ^^
Haneri: Huh?
Kaze: The beach.
Zakex: The pool, where all the babe hang out ;D

20) Camping, staying home?

Kotori: Camping is fun, I'm with others ^^
Haneri: Uhhh... staying home...?
Kaze: I like staying at home more.
Zakex: Either one's fine with me~

21) Dog, Cat?

Kotori: I like birds more ^^
Haneri: Does a Heartless count?
Kaze: Uhh...
Zakex: How about... the ladies? ;D

22) Believe in aliens?

Kotori: No ^^;
Haneri: What are aliens?
Kaze: ...
Zakex: Love, they're extraterrestrial... not from this world ^^;

23) Natural Born, or Clone?

Kotori: Natural born.
Haneri: I don't know.
Kaze: Natural.
Zakex: Clone... it's sad... I'm a Nobody.

24) Car or Ship..?

Kotori: Gummi ships!
Haneri: Huh?
Kaze: I travel by Gummi ship.
Zakex: Portals are the best way to travel =D

25) Ever destroyed something out of Blind Rage?

Kotori: Maybe ^^;
Haneri: It is not possible for me.
Kaze: Yes.
Zakex: Many things could have caused them...

26) Any Unusual Things about you?

Kotori: I lost my memories... but I'm getting them back slowly!
Haneri: I have this Heartless doll that I carry everywhere.
Kaze: I can wield two keyblades.
Zakex: Love, I'll leave you to answer that~

27) Favorite Place?

Kotori: With my friends~
Haneri: My hidden room in the castle...
Kaze: With Kotori.
Zakex: Anywhere with Haneri.

28) Things most precious to you?(added question by Sayura-chan~ ^^)

Kotori: My friends, Brother... and Kaze~
Haneri: ... Zakex...
Kaze: Kotori.
Zakex: -looks at Haneri- There's just this one girl...

And I tag anyone who hasn't done this yet~

I really wanted to use my KH fan characters for this one xD Hope I didn't bore you to death ^^;

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Monday, September 1, 2008

   a new look

Had to give my site a new look after seen Sayura-chan's! I owe it to her to get me changing my Kobato theme =D

My new theme is my KH OCs! There's Kotori (a lot of her!), Haneri, Kaze, and Mizuki (who just in the bottom right hand corner).

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Have a good week~

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