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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So, as you can see, im trying to change some stuff around here and to help me in this VERY long task, i have here my "Self-Proclaimed-Buyfriend", Gin Ichimaru.

Gin~ Hi everybody! *waves*

Ok, so lets see, lately ive been bored to death XD, im procrastinating as usual. I dod write one story.... for a school project. If anybody wants to read it plz tell me and i'll post it XD. I changed schools about 3 months ago...and i dont really like it, ppl at my new school act really stupid some times XP and im thuis SUPER nerd to them XD, so i have lotssa time to draw YAY.I need to uplaod some new pics..... i've improved quite a lot. Oh fun fun fun.

Since i have so much free time, ive been listening to random movies XD and i bought myself the CSI:Miami season one DvDs. I fell in love with the matrix XD and i finally re-watched the Dead Poet Society. If anyone has a good movie to recomend, plz do, ive got lotsa time XD. i need occupations or i'll be doomed XD.

Gin~ Ame, what to do now?

Me~ I dunno, I REALLY dont wanna go study T^T

Gin~ Meet you behind the bush then. *smirks*




Gin~ ok..... *Goes in corner*

Anyways, if anybody could find me some "Anti-Rapist-Spray" i would sooooooooo hug them XD.

Soooooo, thats it for now...NO!!
Please comment, its been too long XD

Byez peeps!

Ame-Chan -XXX-

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