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Jus so you all know!
I'm a little late but whatever...

in my profile, the join date says 05/10/06

NO. I've actually been here longer. this is my NEWER account, because i lost the password to my previous account and it's still on my old e-mail address so there's NO way i will be able to upate it ever again... i'll miss that account :( i've done so much with it...

anyway i've actually been here since 06/14/05

so im not a newbie. QUIT THINKING IM NEW HERE!!

my other account was Sora the Wonderer... if you added me as a friend with that other account then please let me know so i can put you on my friend's list. i miss you guys!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So you really can't edit much on here.

There's so much I wanna change on here so I'd stop embarrassing myself from the really old dumb sillyness committed by me. If that made sense.

Well, here's one thing up to date: I fu**ing love One Piece.

Graduated high school. No hopes on college or a job (my social skills suck that much and we're so poor.)

Love animation, and basically everything I liked before, just less stupidly >P

I live in an actual house instead of apartment (finally.)

My only hope is further education I suppose. If we're able to apply for grants, it seems I'll be a year behind all my friends. Just going to have to study like mad before next fall. With the way my mind works, not too sure how effective that will be especially since I will lack guidance till then.

Well, enough autobiographical stuff from me. Let's get this thing rollin'.

Be smart when voting for your favorite candidate. Tomorrow's the big results day :3

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Monday, June 7, 2010

wow. Wow. WOW.

I can't believe theO has kept these old profile pages after all these years! I had thought they were lost forever! AND WE CAN STILL EDIT THEM!! That's a bonus!

Sure brings back memories.

But along with the good memories brings back embarrassing ones too... I used to be such a jerk back in those old days o_o


That's all I can say now. Just...


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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

ok. i guess this is what im gonna do. since i abondened my searching for game information on my previous account, i'll take in requests on what video games that people want me to help them find.

for example, if someone needs help looking for information on zelda: phantom hourglass's plot, i'll do just that.

i dunno. i just want SOMETHING to do that'll also help out the community... a little bit at least

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

lazyness awaaaaaaayyy!!!

ignore that

hmm... i do be lieve that this journal update is pointless. oh well. DONT YOU PEOPLE EVER DO POINTLESS JOURNAL UPDATES CAUSE YOURE BORED!?!

i like cookies

i wish i were 12 again :(

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

whoa, okay... this page has been dead for awhile. that's because it didn't accept my cookie setting. then i fixed it... and now i can do a little bit more so... yeah

oh, i have my own webcomics... they're weird and they suck. here is one of them:
-URL removed because it's stupid-
there's bitmixing in it... but don't complain about that. i'm working hard to fix it but sadly it's on hiatus right now because of the stupid blocker that's keeping me from going to the spriter's resource to get the sprites i need for it...

so... if i find anything interesting on the internet that is not on otaku hompage and think that it's something worth seeing, i'll put it on here

again, sory for the hiatus here... i'll try being a little more active

P.S. if you've seen my comments on updates, naruto copslays, etc., the site somehow let me stay sighned in so i could comment and post pictures and all... yeah, weird

i'm 13 now... i've been since the 14th of this month

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