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Friday, April 20, 2007

Warning to all intending to go to college:
Know your way around the bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo they'll throw at you.
This post was written under incredible mental duress and as such will have some unsavory language. Basically I am going to be ranting. So yeah, there's your warning.
First, I went to the education building to change my major, which these people have already screwed up. They've got me down as Education with an emphasis in Psychology, and I'm going for Spanish. So, anyhow, I go see them, they tell me that I need to go see the head of the languages department, who then tells me that I need to go to the advising center to change my major and get advised before I register for the next semester. So I went there today, and they tell me I need to go back to the education building, which apparently only handles teacher placement for internships. Fun fun. So I now have two options: go to the registrar's and fill out the form that has to be signed by everyone and their mother, or just let it slide for another semester. Which is not happening. Or, yanno, I could see if I can transfer my scholarship and go to my first-choice if they have openings and will accept scholarships, because obviously these people do not have a freaking clue what they're doing.
This after the hilarity of financial aid screwing my mom over. I swear, it would almost make me wonder about whether college was worth it, if I didn't know the stats. Got to love the educational system here. Not.
So... that's my rant. Going into finals week now. I have the CAAP exam Wednesday, Philosophy on Friday the 27, Biology on Monday the 30, and Concepts of Fitness on the 1. So I've got a busy time ahead of me.
Mata ashita, minna-san. Solaris out.

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