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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

And you'd think that with as often as I say that, I'd already know how to say it in Japanese... I mean, I know how to say I'm hungry in Japanese, but sleep escapes me.
Anyway, my composition class was cancelled today, and I have a speech to put the finishing touches on... this is going to be great. Especially considering I have to give the damn thing tomorrow...
So, anyway, finally finished watching POTC last night... good movie. Funny as hell. Now my next goal is to finish watching Yami no Matsuei (because I've had it all this time and I'm still on episode 10 or 11... grr...), Gundam Wing (17 on that one), and Death Note (halfway through episode five, I think...). Oh, and I can't forget that I have to finish Naruto Shippuuden before the 12th so I can get the new one when it comes out. Too much to do, too little time to do it.
Also, to the readers of cl101, I am on a temporary hiatus. Why? Because I have finals coming up soon, and I need to get to studying. I have a scholarship to keep and I really want to get out of this semester with A's and B's. I'm sorry to put it on hiatus, but I have to put studying first.
Mata ashita, minna-san. Solaris out.

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