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Hey there! First of all, sorry for my bad English...
My name is Zane and I live in Latvia. I'm 17 years old. People describe me as a shy but warm person who always has interesting opinions. Usually my head is full with ideas, so I love to share them with friends.
Sometimes people say that I'm living in a fantasy world. That's true. I can proudly say that I'm daydreamer. I would love to live in the world of elfs, angels and other beings. I could be a snow angel and send to the earth sparkling snow...or a fairy who makes flowers bloom in the spring...
But don't think that I'm just a dreamer!
I'm working hard enough to bee good at school...one of my goals is to improve myself more and more...
My hobbies are bellydance, religions & cultures, books, anime, manga, music and drawing.
Favorite Anime? AS, Elfen Lied, Jigoku Shoujo, FMP, Cat Soup, Le Portrait De Petit Cossette and Black Cat~
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Thursday, March 2, 2006

   ~How would you like to see what death is like? ~

Jigoku Shoujo-
This is my current obsession. I have never seen an anime like this before. This anime has a really big charm, it is so mysterious, but in the same time so creepy. I adore Enma Ai- the Hell Girl. Her eyes are very impressive and deep. First, I thought that Jigoku Shoujo will be boring, because this anime has 24 episodes and the story in all episodes basicaly is the same: if any person has an offender then he can a access hotline to the Hell at midnight and send a message to the Hell Girl(Enma Ai). She appears and gives a voodoo doll with a red string. If the person unties the red string, the antagonist is taken immediately to the Hell. However, if one person is cursed, two graves are dug. It means that this person's soul after the death will fall into the pit of the Hell never knowing a paradise. If the red sting is untied, Enma Ai with and her servants- Ichimoku Ren,Wanyuudo and Hone Onna torments the antagonist trying to make him confess his offence. The next seen is when Enma Ai takes the antagonist to the Hell in her beautiful flower kimono.
She says: "I shall carry this vengeance to Hell".
This anime is so beautiful...I am still under Jigoku Shoujo influence...this will give me an inspiration for a long time, I am sure! The opening and ending songs are really nice. They are much like J-pop, but still they fit perfectly in this anime.
In "Jigoku Shoujo" you can see many symbols like butterflies, a red umbrella and a big eye in the opening. I am still wondering what is the symbolic meaning of Enma Ai's grandma and why she Enma Ai loves cherries so much...
Dah...anime is really a good thing...

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