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Everything 'bout me. In a nutshell

I was born on friday the 13th.
+ WOOoo.. spooky...
I like to doodle.
+ I'm a doodling TENSAI
I like to rant/ self loathe
+ labeled with warnings
I like to doodle.
+ WOOoo.. spooky...
I do not advertize my self loathing
+ how do people sign my guestbook? o_O
+ how did Adam sign my guestbook? o_O
+ WOOoo.. spooky...

mini gallery
colored with photoshop. orig technique used.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

   I feel like a lurker

. . . . .

Mid-terms have been pushing hard.
Haven't been on that much.

In my stead, I have left some new fanart.
And a sincere apology for not finnishing Heero Yuy's Gunslinger Girl picture
(I wanted to rent/buy the movie, but I can't seem to find it anywhere T_T)

. . . . .

A r e Y o u E x i s t i n g ?

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Monday, October 10, 2005

   *FLCL Haruko impression* Come Back to LIFE~!

. . . . .


anywho, I've been busy with my school life lately *snickers*
But its always great to come back home to MyO ^__^

Today in my life was slightly awful. I just got my first root canal... and lets just say that the average age for one is around 2166... (guess whose feeling slightly aging right now) >_>;

Now, for what i've been up to:
+Getting a good healthy social life
+Also Gaia online has had a huge impact on mu life. I basicly use it as an art fourm. But its mainly an RPG fourm, for those for like that sort of thing ^_-

Also, for those who still is supporting meh even with all my lifelessness...
I'm now taking Requests
for those who feel like they want to request something ^_^

. . . . .

A r e Y o u E x i s t i n g ?

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Monday, August 29, 2005

   *looks up and down* Looks like i'm still alive

. . . . .

back from China
back from the Otakon
back from Florida
back to School?!?

Yes kiddos, its THAT TIME OF THE YEAR again. How will you survive?

Anyway, I accidently deleted my Yuki cosplay gallery O_O! It was right next to the Modify button, and i wasn't paying attention *sobs in corner*
I hope Adam fixes that. The world is full of absent minded folk like myself.

Now, as a rare visit to MyOtaku again... I'll be posting my Fruba Oekaki art! Since my regualar Oekaki site closed... why not post it here? D:

Unfortunatly, it seems that my artist rating will lower dramaticly if i upload them all at once. So, i can either post them togeter while no one will look at them, or post them moderatly, in tiny hopes.

(click above to vote)

. . . . .

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Monday, May 9, 2005

   if you see me on, you should slap me...

. . . . .

^click above to vote^

Banzai! Banzai!
500+ hits on my little site! (i'm sure many of you have 5x as more)
Its really quite an achivement concidering that i don't advertize/ like to talk to people on MyOtaku alot. Anyway, to open my new website, i plan to take it easy on MyOtaku from now ...more so then i usually do i mean ^_^''
Hopefully i can get my webbie running by this year... and then, who knows, RULE THE WORLD! XD

Anyway, if you like the pic, vote for it! Its posted as one of my fanart currently. Saa... who knows, if i get a good rating, i'll give you guys a nice reward ^__--

i'll respond to all guestbook entries when i have more time on my hands. forgive me. gomennasai. *lowers waist 90 degrees*

...I should not be on now
...should instead be working

. . . . .

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

   Anime Boston is tomorrow, and for the occasion...

. . . . .

I posted my ugliness to the world.

*chessy announcer*
Yes, you too, can see what this pitiful little person really looks like. Just find me in the cosplay section.

Greatest fear: Having my friends finding me on this site. My pathetic posts of conquest and depression are an embarassment enough. ^_^'

Overall: I'm happy that Adam (& crew) didn't post Cosplay in the Portfolio *points below*
that just would've been hell T_T

. . . . .

A r e Y o u E x i s t i n g ?

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