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Saturday, July 23, 2005

   Big Breakup......
well i thought id be happy about it but i guess i thought wrong because im anything but happy....see my boyfriend didnt tell me but he decided to go back out with his old girl friend until school starts and he never told me and it pissed me off really bad to were i got really drunk and didnt wake up till 5:00 p.s. a friend of mine wants to say something...hey this is emi (chibi eskimo)and she didn't break up with him i did it for her...she said she was gonna and i told her to do it now since she was talking to him on the phone so what did she do she thrust the phone at me ^_^;;;; but it's not that big because no one has ever told him no when he asked them out and i know she'll say yes when he asks her out again but i made a promise i intend to keep i'm not going to go out with him if he asks me(like that'll ever happen anyways)uhmmm and also i no longer like him i'll tell yall why in a couple days on my site but i won't be back on for about two days sorry to all my friends but i will visit your sites don't worry ^^

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