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Hello everyone im Breanna im 14 yrs old. im into anime(i really like inuyasha). i like to meet new people icl or irl. but hey welcome to my site! ;)

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

   i have a band and we are going places!

i have a band! since i went to heritage ive become friends with this elite group of punks and goths.well lauren liked the way i sung and asked if i would be in their band and i agreed to it.well we met at my friend maxs garage and practice and they decided they liked me in the band and well we have a gig at jareds uncles bar.this whos in the band an what they do.
lauren:singer and guitar #2
me:lead singer
jared:guitar #1
max:drums and the name they wanted me to come up with its pagan blood.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005


ok im a little confused at middle school i was rideculed for being a goth,But at heritage im welcomed with opened arms and ive been making new friends left and right!Is it just me or did i miss something here? even the teachers like me and THAT is something im not used too also im always eager to go to school the next day.now i KNOW this isnt normal i think theres something wrong with me maybe im sick?

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

   nervous problem

i am very nervous about going to highschool.im gonna be a feshman this year and i have a felling its not gonna go well. at heritage they call you fresh meat if your a fresh men.im still gonna try and rais hell but im still nervous about it maybe i should go take a few days vacation before i go..

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