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Hello! I'm Smartanimegirl!
I don't have much for my profile so sorry for the inconvience.
I darw many artworks and thankfully my dad gave me back my scanner and I have photoshop, so everything will be totally awesome from now on! Soo keep an eye on my profile for my artworks! =3

Most of my artworks that are mostly posted are at my deviantart.com.
Just click here to see more of what I have then here on theotaku.com. ^^

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WHOA, Been a While
Whoa! It's been a while since I lasted posted here. Sorry, I didn't think that my site would be any popular or such, so I hardly update on these... ^^"

Oh noes! I've been tagged! T.T
Just kidding. XD I saw FUNimation and RSRKingdomStars do something like this and wanted to join the fun. Thought it'd be interesting. ^^

NOTE: Oh um...keep in mind. Some of these, Ike-kun will also answer since he's sitting next to me and playing with my hair. XD
[B]Ike:[/B] In this order, yes and it's not my fault I like playing with your hair!
[B]Me:[/B] You're becoming like you're my personal Edward Cullen...
[B]Ike:[/B] Well, then "You're my brand of heroin." =)
[B]Me:[/B] LOL XD Okay, let's go!

001. Real name -> Uyenchau Huu Nguyen (My first name means "smart diamond" ^^)
002. Nickname -> Most commonly Nadeshiko or Nade. (Ike: Your real name and your nickname are both so pretty... Me: Oh RLY? XD)
003. Status -> In a relationship (with Ike-kun~! ^o^)(Ike: No DUH)
004. Zodiac sign -> Virgo
005. Male or female -> Female
006. Elementary -> I went to... Um...Foothill Ranch up to 3rd grade and then Limerick up to 5th. (Ike: She first met me back at Foothill before she moved)
007. Middle School -> Ernest Lawrence
008. High School -> Chatsworth High as an 11th grader right now
009. Smart -> I suppose, but I'm lazy to show it =P (Ike: Yeah, you are. Me: Oh, you hush up XD)
010. Hair color -> SRSLY BLACK (Ike: *points* It really IS BLACK Me: And your's is a DYED BLACK! =X)
011. Long or short -> Average (Ike: You're short to me. Me: Because you're freakin' tall! XD)
012. Loud or Quiet -> Quiet in classes, loud among friends XD (Ike: That's so true XD)
013. Sweats or Jeans -> DEFINATELY JEANS! (Ike: She sometimes wears a skirt, like right now for instance. ;D Me: HEY! You perv, it's a skort! XD)
014. Phone or Camera -> I've got both =P
015. Health freak -> Not really (Ike: You're as skinny as a model, what are you talking about? O_< Me: Well, you're scrawny, what's your point? =X)
016. Drink or Smoke? -> NEVER
017. Do you have a crush on someone? Don't need one. I have my Ike-kun~! ^^ (Ike: Of course. ;D)
018. Eat or Drink -> Drink. Don't get me wrong, eating's important, too, but your body consists of 60% water and you'll survive longer than just eating. (Ike: lol, really? Me: Yes ;O)
019. Piercings -> Nope
020. Tattoos -> Ew...no way (Ike: Even I agree.)

023. First piercing -> NONE, lol, didn't you read #20? XD
024. First best friend -> Ike-kun before I moved. XD (Ike: *nods* Too true.)
Current best friendZZZZ however, Roxanne, Kyoung-Mi, Dusky, Sophia, Yuki, Ara, Sarah, Moni-chan! XD All awesome buds! Oh, and um...would you be surprised if I said Reaper Samantha Parker and Guardian Wolf Sirius...? >>
025. First award -> I've gotten 7 in one day XD I don't think I'll list them (Ike: LOL, she's such a goody-goody sometimes. XD Me: NOT REALLY!)
027. First pet -> A hamster I named Oxnard (Me: I was a small Hamtaro fan back then Ike: LMAO XD).
028. First big vacation -> Nothing really big happened for me. I guess the first time ever leaving the state to Minesota? Nothing much happened there. Just a family gathering. =P (Ike: When was that? Me: Like...3 years ago?)
029. First big birthday -> DEFINATELY MY SWEET 16TH LAST SATURDAY OF AUG. 30th! (Ike: Too bad I couldn't come... Me: I know, but no boys allowed because of dad... Ike: You're dad's a guy, don't you think that's ironic? O_< Me: Okay, hushie now...)

032. Eating -> not hungry yet ;O (Ike: But you're so skinny... O_< Me: And you're scrawny! =P)
033. Drinking -> I'm kinda thirsty... (Ike: Want some of my soda? Me: Erm...backwash? Ike: You get that from our kisses anyway... XD Me: GAH! *tries to blocks that part*)
034. I'm about to -> get ready for school tomorrow >_> (Ike: *nods*)
035. Listening to -> "What I've Done" by Linkin' Park ^^ (Ike: Hand over those headphones, I wanna hear! XD)
036. Plans for today -> Get ready for school tomorrow
037. Waiting for -> Nothing in particular so far...

058. Want kids? -> Depends if Ike-kun and I are ready for IT... XD (Ike: You want to? =/ Me: WTF, not right now... O_o)
059. Want to get married? -> If Ike-kun and I are destined together, YES! O.O (Ike: Looking forward to it. =) Me: AWWW~! :D)
060. Careers in mind -> Not so sure. It's a tie of Manga Artist, writer, fashion designer, or graphic designer. =P (Ike: She's still deciding XD)

WHICH IS BETTER WITH GIRL/BOY? (Me: FOR MY IKE-KUN? XD Ike: *blinks* lol, whut?)
068. Lips or eyes -> Eyes~ (Ike: You like my eyes? Me: From your "get-away-from-my-girlfriend" glares =])
070. Shorter or taller? -> Taller (Me: Ike-kun's really tall compared to me XD Ike: Not my fault you're a short Asian. Me: I'm 5'7"! Ike: Well, I'm 6'1" =P)
072. Romantic or spontaneous -> Romantic. Ike-kun tries to make our relationship very healthy. ^^ (Ike: Yup. =P)
073. Nice stomach or nice arms -> What do you mean by stomach? If chest, then yes. Arms, Ike-kun's scrawny, but I could care less. He agrees. =P (Ike: But I think my chest is kinda weird... O_< Me: Not to me XD Ike: Hey... O_o)
074. Sensitive or loud -> Apparently Ike-kun's both. He's sensitive, but rather loud when someone pisses him off. XD (Ike: YOU DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN! D8)
075. Hook-up or relationship -> Most definately relationship (Ike: Definately)
077. Trouble maker or hesitant -> I like both of them, that's what Ike-kun is. XD (Ike: I'm not that much of a troublemaker... Me: Yeah you are. Ike: Not. Me: Are. *this montage continues for a while XD*)

080. Lost glasses/contacts -> I don't have contacts and I hardly wear my glasses O_< (Ike: She looks cute with or without anyway =])
081. Ran away from home -> Nope
084. Broken someone's heart? -> Plenty who had a crush on me ;O (Ike: And many I hated for doing so... -__-)
085. Been arrested -> Never had
087. Cried when someone died -> I would cry for Samantha "Raven" Parker but I didn't know her until last year. She died 2-3 years ago. (Ike: Would you cry for me? Me: OF COURSE! ToT)

089. Yourself -> Yes, you'd have to in order to get to where you want
090. Miracles -> Yes, whether they be strange or not (Ike: Are you considering our love strange? O_o Me: No. I was talking about Sam and such... Oo Ike: Oh)
091. Love at first sight -> Totally happened with me and Ike-kun when we started back in elementary for HIM apparently. Now look where we are. XD (Ike: Yeah, I started it pretty much... >_>)
092. Heaven? -> I'd prefer Andaria (Land of the Dead) (Ike: No questions asked please. >.>)
093. Santa Claus -> Is definately real. I've had enough proof to know O_o (Ike: XD)
094. Sex on the first date -> WTF? NUWAI, that's rushing things a bit (Ike: Same here! I'd rather wait until the right time! Me: Srsly? O_o Ike: Well, won't you? Me: ...Okay, yeah. Dx)
095. Kiss on the first date -> Already had it with Ike-kun ^^ (Ike: And it's not the pecking kind either. ;) Me: *shoves* TOO MUCH INFO!!! xD)

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now? -> Ike-kun at all times (Ike: I'm right here, no duh. XD)
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? -> Yes, I'm happy with what I have in my life so far. I've got a great life, wonderful friends, loving family, and a loving boyfriend. =) (Ike: *busy playing with Nade's hair to respond* Me: Heehee! ^^)
099. Do you believe in God? -> To of which do you speak? Layo R.? Then yes... (Ike: Layo's the main guardian of Andaria, right? Me: IKE-KUN! *SHOVES* Sorry everyone, but you're not to supposed to know about this! ^^" *TRIES TO BLOCK*)
100. Post as 100 truths and tag? -> I tag anyone who would like to join the fun of this questionnaire survey. ;O (Ike: Do I have to do this? Me: Only if you want to. Ike: *shrugs* 'k)

I think I numbered this wrong.
Ike: Yeah, I think you did... O_<
Me: Huh...oh well. XD Until then everyone!
Ike: Nice talking to you all. O_<

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Okay, BOREDOM!!!
It's late at night. (Like 10:30pm) And I'm about to play the new "Guitar Hero" game. It rocks. Anyway, going to paly it now. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! (Please don't mind that. I'm bored okay?)
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Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm bored so I'm just typing this up. LOL, HI PEOPLES!!!!
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