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Hiya, I'm smartlozer (a rather dumb username but it's what I've grown used to >__> )

I will be posting some manga here and hope people will enjoy reading it ^^

...Wow what else should I put here... I'm rather dull so there's not much to say o___O;

I joined back in '05 it appears, I had no idea until I tired to register again and turns out I had already used the e-mail I tried to register with >__>; wonder why I forgot about this site and never returned... ah well I'm back and actually going to stick around this time ^^;

Friday, August 24, 2007

   New Series
Well. new ideas are always popping into my head, and I've decided to make a new series... It's actually from an old idea. I had tried making it into a comic before but um, my art was very bad back then ^^; and I didn't have the plot figured out yet... Ok I still don't honestly, but I do think I can do much better this time around ^^;

Well, it's a vampire series, hope some of you readers who like my Sesshoumaru fanmanga will also like this new one.

I'm also thinking of posting one of my Yaoi comics here lol yes Yaoi ^^; I'm not sure though, yaoi doesn't seem to be as popular here as it is on smackjeeves, where my 3 yaoi comics can be found. Well whatever, I'll see later on...

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'll be updating frequently from now on because I finally got my scanner to work =w=

I have scanned the next 8 pages to my TLAD fan manga. I'm hoping to post 2 pages a day ^w^
And at last I get to color many pics I've drawn and finally got to scan. It seems I'll be very busy with arts for quite a while =w=

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

   Damn it all...
Well, I'm not happy right now... My computer died about a week ago and I bought a new one yesterday, yay, but... now my scanner won't work and since my dead computer took all my files and programs with it to the afterlife, I have no photoshop either T__T... So who knows when I'll be able to update. It sucks because I have 8 pages done but I need to scan them... Probably I'll be able to buy a new scanner this coming weekend. I downloaded a free 30 day trial of Photoshop CS3 but it didn't respond when I first tried to use it... hopefully it'll work fine by the time I'm able to scan my pages...

Well, that's all I had to say... hopefully my fans will be patient and wait for further updates, sorry for not having any updates. If only my old computer hadn't died...

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