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Sunday, July 9, 2006

ITALY WINS THE WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAY!!!!!!! ITALY WON THE CUP!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW THEY WOULD WIN!!!!!!!! I WAS CHEERING FOR THEM!!!!!!. and for some absurd reason my mother was supporting france. my cousin steven says "soccer is gay there i said it gay gay gay". where was i? oh yea, FRANCE STINKS!!!!!!!!!!

clips of the match and after:
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ok, so italy won. after the match we went out for a drive around and there were a ton of people driving around in their cars and waving the italian flag and honking, very cool. i wish i could be in italy right now, there mus tbe some wild parties going on, lol.

yea, so for the last week or so we did a lot of stuff. last thursday i walked into my cousin amanda's door, and busted my lip. THERE WAS BLOOD EVERYWHERE!!!! ok, not everywhere.but i swear, i didnt know tha door was so close. and we had a bbq the day b4 the fourth of july, and a bunch of family came over, and everything was fine at first, until 12, then the fight started, big fight, cursing and quarreling, but thankfully it didnt turn physical. for the fourth of july we went to see fireworks. that was fun ^-^

and we went to playland amusement park, rode some rides, including one that went all the way up so u were at right angles to the ground, and when u fell it gave your stomach this really sinking feeling. and i won a stuffed doggie and a stuffed scooby doo.

and we went on the circle line cruise around manhattan, it was so nice, seeing the city and all the famous buildings, especially at night when it was all lighted up .

here;s a pic of us at playland. the only reason i put up this pic is because you cant see my face in it. i'm on the far left, the one holding the cotton candy in front of my face, lol. nest to me is my cousin kevin(he;s 8) then amanda( she's 13) and angella(their mom)
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i was gonna put up the clip of steven dancing in his sought park boxers but the asked me not to so i wont.

and here are some pics of the city at night.
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this is charlie, their dog. isnt he cute?!
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k, so , thats a lot of pics to look at. i'm gonna go now, to watch pirates of the c'bean. bye bye!!

oh, yea, and italy still rulz and france still sucks!!!!! zidane and his bad sportsmanship!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

hi everyone. ok im here in NY by d family, i changed the site's them since we got knocked out of the cup, so now its bleach!!!!!!!! i'll get around to putting up and avi later. yea, so NY is nice, we're staying in Yonkers, and we're supposed to go six flags tomorrow but i dont think we're going. lots of family infighting goin on up here, my aunt and uncle quarrel and fight every night, its horrible. ok i went to this mall and they had this store with a whole buncha gothic and anime stuff, and they had underwear with skulls on it, and inuyasha keychains and naruto jerseys and sesshoumaru pillowcases!!!! i am gonna be so broke when i get back to T&T, lol. k, im outta here, bye ^_^
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Sunday, June 18, 2006

hi hi! ok, so we lost the match with england. DAMN YOU ENGLAND! CROUCH! BECKHAM! but we held them off for 83 minutes , and came really close to scoring goals. so i suppose thats something. so we have to beat paraguay and england have to beat sweden in order for us to advance to the next round. our next match is tuesday, which i will not be able to see cuz at that time i'll be in an airport in Puerto Rico, checkin in for a flight to New York^-^ we leave tuesday morning. i have to get up at 4 in the morning *sweatdrop*

last tuesday me and some friends went to see the Omen in cinema. damn that movie was scary! although i watched most of it, i didnt watch the ending, i had my eyes closed. and i'm not the kind of person who gets scared by movies easily. well, at least i wasn't the one who was holding someone else's hands and screaming. that would be my friend Kirina, who sat there screaming and crushing my hands. and she was the one who wanted to see the movie in the first place, and she got more scared that i did! i wanted to see x men *pout* she's kinda fat , and on a constant diet, so she'd brought this bag of baby carrots as a snack, and sometime during the movie she dropped the bag, so when it was done and the lights were on, there were carrots all over the floor, lol.

then saturday i went dress shopping with her cuz she had to get a dress for a wedding the next day, so we picked one that she could wear to the wedding and to the graduation ball, which is in july, which i will not be attending bcuz i'll still be in new york and will return 5 days after it. so she tried on a whole bunch of sum really horrible looking stiff, like there was this green dress that had this huge bead pattern all down the front and it poofed out like a cinderella dress, and had all this black and green gauzy stuff at the bottom. ugly! but then there were some really pretty ones, these 2 pink ones, one a light pink and the other a darker shade....i dunno nothin bout the designs, im not a dress person. i havent worn a dress in years, lol. so she got the light pink, and it looked really good on her.

so when im in NY hopefully i'll be able to get some anime stuff cuz i really want some Bleach manga^-^

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Ichigo and Keigo

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and here's the team again!

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Friday, June 9, 2006

FIFA 2006 WORLD CUP GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok, so the World Cup starts tomorrow! Or today, cuz its minutes to 1 in the morning, lol. ok, so, Trinidad and Tobago, smallest country ever to go to the World Cup, i am proud to be a citizen!(and believe me, i never say that)

k so here's the team :
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ok, from bottom left, Chris Birchall, Carlos Edwards....ermmm.....ok, so i never payed attention to local football till now. watever. *pout*

and our coach Leo Beenhakker(who once coached Real Madrid) i wonder how much the government had to pay him to come coach our team...

ok, so we're playing Sweden, Paraguay, and (heaven help us) England. we are so dead. and our first match is on saturday, against Sweden!!!!

so off of football, exams are almost done, my last one is spanish on monday^-^ yay!!! and then me and mom and a friend are goin to New York for a month,to stay with the family up there. we'll be back around the 20th of july. we're stopping off in Puerto Rico for a few hrs to change planes, so we'll get to walk around for a few hours^-^. the dog was sick and not eating, but now she's better. now she has fleas and we're trying to get rid of them. mom's fractured collarbone is healing nicely according to the doctor.

ok, im gonna go before my mother gets up and yells at me to go to sleep laterz!

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