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Welcome to the myOtaku club, SLACKEN (Spelling left accurate, capitals kept: Educated Narcissists). Here we gloriously show off our nerdiness and propriety by using capital letters and correct spelling, though correct punctuation is optional. [We love you if you use, it, though!] We dislike 53nt3n535 entirely in l33t and whoreabil speling, so much so that we'd rather read our own posts than those of people who type like that. [Thus, the narcissist part.] At a young age, we were taught that spelling and capitalization are our friends, and today, we still believe that! So for the sake of your readers, convert to proper English and join us! :)

  1. You must use capitalization more or less properly, at a minimum capitalizing proper nouns and beginnings of sentences. Caps lock doesn't count.
  2. Spell correctly, for the most part. You can spell like a moron when you're making a joke, being silly, et cetera, though. :)
  3. You don't have to link back, but a link would be appreciated!

To join, simply sign the guestbook with proper spelling, capitalization, grammar, et cetera stating that you want to join. We'll sign your guestbook when you're accepted. [We just check to make sure you post like a sane person, too. :)]

Simple? Head on over to the Guestbook!

Monday, July 17, 2006

   Welcome to SLACKEN


First post here at SLACKEN, where we aspire to spread the joys of proper and readable English to the far corners of the universe, one myO member at a time.

The few rules are listed up at the top, and I'm quite sure most people already follow them, so run on over to the guestbook and join if you've no problems. This club is obligation-free so long as you're typing like a sane human being, regardless of how insane the contents of your site are. :)

A button for this club will be put up soon, so if you'd like to link back without a text link, you'll be able to. :) [You don't have to link back at all, though.]

SLACKEN: Constance

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