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Hi! Welcome to our site! There's not much to it but hope you like it!!!^^

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Monday, July 2, 2007

--Your having a mid-life crisis trying to get, where i've been--
Wow! Hello People!! Its Jennifer talking now! Little miss Skyler..>_< Lol.. anywho! Spain is so freaken boring, so any of yall planning on going here...DONT! THEY ARE RUDE AND SMELL FUNNY! AND THE OLD MEN ARE PERVERTED! They are always saying stuff to me.. Then I cuss them out in spanish [spanish friends here taught me] ^___^ Well.. I found a boyfriend! He treats me..okay...but I love him! And yes, if you look at us in public.. We are the perfect couple! But there is alot of stuff behind that, that no one sees
-_- I apologize for ruining your time by reading that.. But I just wanted to point that out T-T
um.. Oh yeah! I think i'm bi-polar..
Oh! Its currently 2:14in the morning and im hyper... Happy July 4th! Or July 3rd... O_o Idont know.. we dont celebrate it as big as they do in the states.. ^_^'

Anywho.. I am off to bed.. Cause Skyler totally ditched me for a little girl T-T
Goodnight everyone! Please post so I can tell you 'bout Spain! And even send you pictures of how pretty some places are!!!

ADIOS HOMBRES!!Love you all ^_~
And Skyler.. if you read this.. You hurt my feelings tonight T-T

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

So Tired...
Yeah ummm...sorry again...I have been going crazy with all the stress of soccer and I can't get on the computer if my parents aren't home...T.T We had a game last night and we tied, yay^-^ We have a home game tomarrow so that will be fun...next week I go back to school and to tell you the truth I don't really mind...I haven't spoke to any of my friends that I only see at school and I miss Jesse...but I guess I can wait till tomarrow...he comes to my home games so yay^-^ And Friday I think I'm going to his grandma's house to have dinner so that should be nice...oh yeah! My mom got married to terry so now he's my stepdad...it's ok I don't mind him being around...well guess I'm done fornow so bye!-Skyler...this is an awsome song...
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Friday, March 30, 2007

Sorry! I have had so much stuff going on again it's not even funny! I had 2 games this week and we won both and all kinds of other stuff I will talk about later 'cause I'm in a rush and have to go well bye bye!-Skyler woot woot!
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

At school right now...shouldn't be on here...oh well...it's the only way I can check my site right now...soooo yeah...nothing really to talk abbout right now so I'll be on my way...-Skyler...no video this time...sorry...
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Monday, March 19, 2007

Hee Hee...
Well! Everything went great! My mom said she thinks he's a good kid and my mom's boyfriend terry said he was cool...YES! XD so now I'm happy and so is Jesse! ^////^ yay for me hee hee...last night I was watching Titanic and then Jesse called so we watched Titanic together...kinddu...but I started crying at the end and he was all worried but it was so sad! I hadn't seen the whole movie all the way through so yeah...T.T but yeah I guess I'm done...I have to go to school and see my love XD bye my friends!-Skyler...here is an awsome band that I love with the coolest song yetXD yeah go Good Charlotte!
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