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This is a link to an anime site i go to. i found a music video that someone made there its hilarious ^_^

Hey i'm skylark2761. I am obssesed with inuyasha. I like watching wolf rain, chobits, degrassi, and i also watch music videos. I listen to all kinds of music and almost all types. I like to draw and write. But i don't post them up. Cuz' i write my stuff in a book and i don't have a scanner. oh well when u leave please comment, sign my GB, or add my laterz

Thursday, October 14, 2004

   i dunno i'm still bored
hey hey. ^_^ well nothing interesting has happened. i've been taking alot a quizs so since there nothin i can think of yet i'm gonna put some up that i think match me in feelings, my personality, or some of my friends. (i'll say wat its suppose to represent)
This ones the one i feel like everytime i'm daydreaming and i'm in S.S. ^_^

You're a "Red Angel" and just because
it's red doesn't mean blood or anger.
Actually, it stands for an angel in love.
You're obsessed with one person and can't get
your mind off them and it's eating you away a
little. You'd do anything for them and wait
patiently for the day they return the feelings.
You're a hopeless romantic and little things
like roses and hugs charm you. You're very
affectionate but you're shy. You're afraid of
getting rejected. Think if it this way, the
brave may not live forever but the catious
never live at all. Don't be afraid to show your
feelings. (If you can't see tje pics, go to my
homepage and look near the bottom and find your

What Color Angel are You? (PICTURES)
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This oneis also feelings and also personality. Even tough it says i like my alone time(which i do) i will alwasy be there for friends no matter wat. ^_^
You're a Winter. You very much enjoy your time
alone but do like other people's company
sometimes. You just need your space. You have a
few priviledged friends who saw past your
colder exterior to find the true you. You can
have pretty bad mood swings (though you hate to
admit it) so you could be soft one second then
storming around the next! But over all, you're
a very pleasant person once people take the
time to get to know you. You're a good friend
for in-depth talks. You're very talanted when
it comes to creative things.(If you can't see
tje pics, go to my homepage and look near the
bottom and find your result)

What season are you? (pics)
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Heres some that were at random. But i was curious.(i'm always like that) wow thats alot of people. (i'm so touched)

What will your Funeral be like?
by rashock
You will die by:Your mother warned you not to run around with scissors in your hand. You die by some freak accident. Can't really say it was pretty, your Funeral is a closed casket.
Death Date:April 21, 2019
Number attending your funeral?107
How much will you leave to friends and family?$1,949,001
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Okay here is my life in anime. I really like it. well almost all of it anyway. ^_^
What would your Anime life be like? by hearthlight
Your looks:Ethereal beauty.
Your best friend:Twelve horny alien girls.
Your powers:Energy blasts.
Your beloved:A villain.
Your occupation:Warrior for good.
Your ending:Shocking! I can't spoil it.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Heres wat i would look like. I think it cool about the hair.
Generate your Anime Style by Jena-su
Hair:Never stays the same style/colour for long.
Clothes:Leather, belts, chains, bondage pants, collars, and tight shirts.
Special Features:Elf ears
Sidekick:Small fluffy animal that talks...usually too much.
Attitude:Mysterious as all hell.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

*yaaaaaaawns* well i'm tired. I'm gonna go to bed. I want to dream some more. But before i do i'll read a another chapter of a fan fiction, post upp one more quiz, and then.....EAT!! Man i'm hungry.
Well heres the last quiz
I don't really know all of them. can u tell me if they are good. if u know any of them.
Theme songs of your life
by eponine
your name?
love song:underneath your clothes - shakira
depressing song:everybody hurts - R.E.M.
party song:i wanna be bad - willa ford
what-the-hell-ever song:walk this way - aerosmith
your lifeunwell - matchbox 20
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

   Todays result
Today was pretty cool. I woke up at like 8:00 and listened to the radio till 8:30. Then my mom dropped me off to the mall with two credit cards and my friends. I was allowed to get 10 shirts and 5 pants. It was for my b-day present from my mom and dad. One card from my mom and one card from my dad. I also got the Ashlee Simpson CD Auto Biography.(Ashlee Simpson ROX!!!!)
Sry i haven't been on that much i have been reading fan fictions, updating my other sites, and also homework, and the shopping i did today. Well anyways if here are the fan fics i've been reading.
1. My Lavender
2. A promise is a promise
3.A Hanyou Reborn, Kagome Changed Heart
Yes all are inuyasha fan fictions. I found out Inuyasha has the most fan fics ever made. WOW 33,750 fan fics. well that all i can think of that exciting so laterz.

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Thursday, October 7, 2004

thanx to everyone how came to my site on my-b-day. And looky at what i got...
it from animegirl4ever. I would like to thank her ssssoooo much for making it. ^_^ well thanx again. i'm gonna get sumthin from joeyw23 too. so i'll put that up later. well laterz ^_^

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yep thats me.
You like to believe you have special powers, you believe in justice and likes helping people out...You enjoy looking at the sky or sea daydreamin' and believes that astrology rules your life!
Magical Girl: You like to believe you have special powers, you
believe in justice and likes helping people
out...You enjoy looking at nature and
daydreamin', come back to earth sometimes,
right?! What's up at the astrology prediction

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okay...i don't know how to respond
You're a Intense Kisser
You have an intense kiss! You and your partner
connect when you kiss and you forget about the
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I didn't know i was pure?
Air Sprite
Fun loving, childish, innocent and pure You are a sprite of the Air: Fun loving and
childish your naive nature only enhances how
truly cute you are! You may come off as too
childish but only because your not burdened
with all the rules and regulations of
adulthood. You are carefree most of the time
spending your days playing tag or naming all
the clouds you see in the sky. You are
generally kind to everyone because you have
lots of love and happiness to share! Making
friends comes easy because they strive for the
innocence you possess but be careful, being as
nice and kind hearted as you are people will
try to manipulate your nature if they have not
already. Don't ever let anyone mold you to
their standards although I doubt anyone could.

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