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Helloz =) My name is Klarissa but my friends call me Crandle. Well, I LOVE to dance! Dancing is my drug! I can't get enough! lol I also like talking to people. Pm me If you wanna talk
-ur friend Ska8tergirl ;)

P.S: plz dont send me any chain-letters thx! =)


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

   DOOM OF BOREDOM!!!!!!!!
Ah! I am soooo bored! Im in class again....listening to my friend Eli..the guy who pressed the numbers...making funny popping sounds...im not gonna check spelling cuz...i just dont feel like it. so ya....im doing finals and i am done!!! Thankfully...well i still have one more clas and that's science and i believe that ima gonna fail!!! XD Oh! And Eli still wants to know if anyone would be happy to make pre-sketches for his manga "Shipless" i think it was called. OH...know i am sad because Eli left cuz the teachers told him to move back to his seat. Oh well...okay...ima go now. Bye =)
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Friday, June 12, 2009

Yeah. I am sorry that I haven't posted anything in a LOOOOONG time! :P I have just been sooo BUSY with school...yeah you get the drill...so ya...Im in class now and just listening to my friends 7 yeah that was Eli 9 he's pressing numbers...he's the ninja kid in my class. I asking him what else he wants me to say on this......he's looking for manga artists....for a series that he's making....called Shipless....he doesnt want you all to know whats its about....until you respond....but know this...he has seen a LOOOOOOOOOT of anime...ya that's what he's sawying hahaha im typeing what he's saying cuz im BORED!!! >XD Now we're taling about Hellsing...okay im gonna go...
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Monday, March 9, 2009

   I'm Sick...
Argh! I'm sick with a fever! XP THIS SUCKS!!! I hate beign sick! Its been a REALLY long time that I've been sick. I almost forgot what it was like to be ill Tehee But yeah, Ive been sleeping a lot more because of my illness (which is probably the only thing I don't hate about being sick) =3 But i also got a headache and it wont go away...I hope I get better soon so I wont feel like crap lol SO Im gonna leave for now. Wish me luck! Tehee
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