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Hay hay pplz! itz Sk8er Chick aka Lexi! yea yea i have another site called Cricket24 but idk i wuz board so now i have this one! i no it looks the same as crickz but idrc o well. So i hav a sis and her 2 sites r Kitten24 and Cherrykisses. so u can add her or go there if u want and have some fun!! yea! well talk to me cuz i like to talk, sign my gb and all that stuff!! ok well talk to yea!! Bibi!!! oh yea and i skate board 2 so yea if u skate board U ROK!!!!


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Friday, January 25, 2008

Hey pplz!!! I haven't been on 4 a while so hilo again!!!! Hey if u wanna talk to me pm me cuz ill go on now like 4evaaa yay!!! o yea! image from www.kaiyosei.net peace!!! lol ok so how have u guys been doin? tell me if u come to ma site!! pm me or add a comment like this guy image from www.kaiyosei.net ook bye!!!
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Sunday, January 13, 2008

   Heyyyyyy pplz
hay ppls wuzz up?!?!?!? omg so yea i found these little cute thingys like this one image from www.kaiyosei.net yea soo cute and ahh dorable. i no so if u want to know how to find them pm me and i shall tell u. yup yup well talk to yall l8er!!! bye!!!image from www.kaiyosei.net

~Sk8er chick~

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