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Hey, Thanks for coming to my site. take a look around and please sighn my GB before you leave and i would be happy to do the same for you. ^^

A little about myself,

I have a short fuse and get angry really easily,

I dont start fights i finish them,

I love my animals, especially Peanut my 9yr old Pomeranian,

I (clearly) live on a farm on 15 acres (im not shure how much that is in the old measurment system and frankly i will probably never know..)

My fave Author is Darren Shan, and my fave book from him is the Vampire Destiny war trilogy (great book you should check it out^^)

and last but not least my fave sport is Archery.

Please sighn my gb before you leave^^!
Enjoy ;)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

   woot! myspace!
hey all, i just got a myspace so if u wanna go check it out its no problem, plus theres pics of me so u can see what i look like! ahhh! so cool!
anyways talk soon!


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Saturday, February 16, 2008

   hey everyone!
hey long time since i last posted, well the sweetest thing happend this week, enyways so im in chemestry right and the teacher is calling out the roll and he gets to my name and then sais 'i need to ask you a favour' and im all like ok what the hell, then in the middle of class i asked him what he wanted to ask me then he goes ' a girl that i like is coming from sweden on friday and im making a cd for her of some of my fave songs and i need a cover for it and i was wondering if u could draw me one'. i was so shoked i said i would because i thought it was soooo sweet of him to do that and so i did, he told me how he wanted it to look like then i did it, its pretty good, its the first drawing ive done on my new computer and tablet it will be on soon i just have to submit it. well so thats what happend, i was so stunned that he asked little old me to do something so important for him, awww i fell all warm and fuzzy inside...


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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

   back to shhkool.
*sigh* and so another year begins,

OMG i cant wait for otaku to get renevated, i saw a sneak peek at the nw one and its awesome, if you come across the movie watch it, its gonna be sooooo cool, but i dont know when its going to be finished. i think thats why our visit meter sais 'stopped for renovation' or watever the hell it sais.
oooooo its going to be so good!

things to to at big w while your parants are shopping number 1:

Go into the changeroom and when you hear someone walk into the next cubicle loudly say 'hey!...theres no toilet paper in here...'

c ya!!!

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

   cowboy bebop!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG i forgot to tell you all, i watched the whole series of cowboy bebop. it was soooo good! i borrowed it off a friend.

my fave ep is called 'mushroom samba' it was so funny, well ed and ein go out on an adventure and everyone is hungry (as usual) because they ran out of money and they find a drug lord with a bounty on his head and they steal some magic mushrooms off him but they dont eat it.
they put one on the table back at the ship and then they hide and spike comes and steals it because he's so hungry and eats it, then they put another one and fey comes and allso does the same thing and then they repeat it on the other guy aswell (i forgot his name) then they all get hi on the mushrooms and start hallucinating, fey stands in the toilet and thinks she's swimming in the cubicle and spike thinks he's climbing a stair that goes on forever but really he's just walking on the same one stair in the ship and the other guy is sitting and talking to his bonzai trees.

man its sooo funny, you have to see it!!

c ya!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

  hey i just wanted to ask, is anyone elses visit tracker 'locked for renovation'??
its been like that for a while now..


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