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Welcome, Welcome ::bows::

Ogenki desu-ka?

So you have managed to come upon my website eh? As it were, I would like to thouroughly welcome you by initiating somewhat of a ritual..now..go jump into that pit of flames over there to prove your dedication..go on..*points*


Just kidding!!!! I wouldnt sacrifice anyone but Barbara Streisand. >.< But seriously, thanks for coming! I hope that you take a look around and find yourselves floating in a very comfy happy bubble with rainbows. ^^ sort of.

I ask that you sign my guestbook and you can also send me a message if you wish! ^_^

Dont be shy! I love people!

Anyhow...If you would like to know any more about me my aim address is SingALong210 I am quite often online, and I also have a myspace website if you would like to veiw that too.


Thanks so much and I sincerely hope that you have a genuinely awesome day!


Friday, September 15, 2006

   So this is life

Well!! Howdy there..

How I do want to thank you for coming upon my site..I love you! I shall now stalk you. Yes you *points* ::clings to leg:: hehe.

Just kidding.
Have no fear.


So please be my friend. I used to have a myotaku. Then I got a myspace a little while later. Now I have both : ) arent I special.

Whats new with you?


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