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Hola every one ^.^ **reaches out and shakes hand** how is ur day today? Do you like cappuchino? Lol I hope that you guys dont find me too weird. ^__^ thank you So much for coming to my site. I can only hope that you will sign my geust book and add me as a friend, and i can promise to do the same for You !!!! Make Your selves at home, and send me a postcard. **tehehe** it's the sugar high, I swear

Love Your Favorite,

"Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see"

This is an absolutely MARVELOUS poem written by my dear friend, Sayana Chan ^__^

You haven't lived until you've
wanted love
found love
had love
made love
lost love
broken love
given love
recieved love


Friday, December 2, 2005

   HEY EVERY ONE!! **waves**

Im sorry I havent posted in a while ::sniffles:: i tried to get to every one of my friends sites today ^_^

so how is every one's friday so far?? FRIDAY !!! YAH!!! **does happy friday dance**

Not much happened to me i guess. lol just the normal..people squirting eachother with sirringes filled with flavored water..people wanting to change their name to Acchilles because they love the movie Troy...yah just a normal day ^.~

So..i was eating coconut cream pie last night..**DROOL** and i must say that i absolutely LOVE everything coconut.

Q: what is everyones fave kind of pie? what is your fave scent?

Well everyone have a superly awesome Friday!!! ^___-

Love Your Favorite,

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Monday, November 28, 2005


wow. sometimes people can be so full of...drama...i mean i know that its high school but ho...ly...crap...^.^;;
yeah today was certainly an interesting monday! but then again..arent they all interesting in their own way? ^_-
I found that laughing it off can definately be a stress releiver.
Anywho..one of my closest friends(shes homeschooled) said that instead of getting a class ring she is getting a kick butt MADE necklace set!! ^.^ haha i want one now..it just kinda makes sense to me..i mean i would certainly wear it more than a class ring. oh well, i will have to think on it.

So...question..what is every one's favorite Rock n Roll band? Or I dunno..wats your fave genre of music ?

For me...im getting really into kinda punky rock n roll stuff...im growing increasingly interested in the Rolling Stones and Lynard Skynard n stuff ^.~ they are perdy spiffy to me

Have an AWESOME day!

Love Your Favorite,

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Friday, November 25, 2005

HEY ALL !! **waves**
How are you all today? i have been noticin that some people have been putting up fun little questions and stuff..well i am gonna ask you all some fun and super questions! lol

1. what is your opinion on poptarts?
2. do you like my site ^.^
3. what animal do I remind you of
4. what is your fave my little pony
5. what resturaunt to you think houses the most rodents and cockroaches (haha i dont know where that one came from)
6. what is ur fave smell
7. do you like willy wonka
8. if you were a fruit what fruit would you be
9. do you think that erik and i make a good couple (lolz...i dont know where that one came from either)
10. how do you like my hamster picture ^___^

Well all of you have a super great day!!

Love Your Favorite,

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