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Nothing fancy here but I do like changing it up every now and then. I hope you like it.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

   Hello Hello ^-^
Not much been going on lately...actually no that's a lie...some things have been going on XD

Well one thing my internship has me running ragged...o wait I never said anything about that before let me explain...I am an 2-D animation intern at GATE and basically what I do is make animation shorts with Adobe Flash...sounds fun doesn't...I just finish my first short ( personally I think it's kinda crappy but hey people seem to like it) and now mentor is expected me to put together another one like I'm Houdini or something! the other took me like 3 months to finish I'm in no rush to start a new one...

Yea and I'm still waiting for a college to reply back to me...I only applied to two both art schools and one i sent like yesterday...so thats not coming anytime soon..but the other I sent in...December and they promised ( no bull they really promised) to give me a response within 3 weeks...well here I am a month and half later with no response...THANK YOU VCU!

Still working on my digital color skills ( if I have any) I should post some of it up but its at school and its a pretty a HUGE file that won't fit on my flash drive...and with my school's crappy network that acts like the frickin FBI it's hard to do anything on those computers...

Don't you just love school

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Monday, December 31, 2007


Umm..not much to say here...

I had a Ayumi Hamasaki wallpaper up for a hot second...but yea that didn't work out to well...

Anywho it's New Year's Eve and I realize that the manga I'm working on,Brother Knows Best, is long overdue for an update...I pretty much know what going to happen (==>duh cause you wrote it<==) but it just drawing it out that the hard part TT_TT...maybe if I wasn't such a perfectionist I would be farther in the story...

Lately I been working on realism and stuff...I still like drawing anime but with college literally around the corner I have to be able to have a 'wider' span of drawing skills or whatever... college professors don't find the manga style 'orignal'...so I suggest if you plan on going to an art school try drawing something other than anime every now and then...

Well...I wrote more than expected ^^

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

   Hello Again!!
Yay! I changed my site again..but this one much nicer.

Anywho I started a Manga called Brother Knows Best and even though its starting slow (in my opinion) it at least starting

So Don't be shy and check it out...

I also tried this new tutorial for coloring...I color hair a little different sao I'm trying to put something up for that...

I doubt anyone would read this but its good to get off my chest...

P.S- Hope you like the new song...she one of my favorite artist...

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