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Hi! I hope you like my site! My favorite anime is Tokyo Mew Mew and i am a big X-Men fan! i also really like naruto, Mai HiME, mai otome, mai otome zwei, and InuYasha. i hope we can be friends! if you sign my gb, i will definitely sign yours and add you as a friend!! seeya around!!

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

sorry i haven't posted in so long.....i'm so busy!!!!!! anyways, seeya later!!
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Monday, February 26, 2007

   A wierd dream....
So it was snowing. I was really cold. Suddenly the maedow I was standing in was filled with magical broomsticks. I climbed on the one I thought was the coolest, and I took off. suddenly, Harry Potter ran out of the high school and started yelling at me to get off of his broomstick. I got off, then I went into the school. I went into the student council room, and Micky(Mikayla) was sitting there in handcuffs. She apparently had gotten in trouble because at a sleepover at my house she started singing. I don't know why, but the police came and arrested her. After I said hi to her, the police came and took her to jail. I ran down the hallways screaming at the top of my lungs(no idea why) and then Ms. Coppock(our health teacher) told me to shut up and go outside. I ran outside, and it was springtime. Then I tripped over something I thought was a basketball, but then I looked closer. It was a gravestone!! Zombies came and started attacking us, and I turned into a HiME(watch Mai HiME, an anime for relevance) and started to fight off the zombies. The zombies disapeared, and then Dana started screaming her head off saying that the basement was flooding(that I can picture). I gathered everyone in school next to a tunnel, then rushed off to see what was happening with the basement. I tripped down the stairs and landed in water. I started swimming, and got out of the basement. I led everyone that I had gathered next to the tunnel down the tunnel with a green lightsabre. At the end of the tunnel was Ginos pizza. The college kids were there, and they were chanting, "Sing, sing!" So we stopped and sang Freedom. Then we rushed out, and we were at SixFlags. We ran out of there, and then we were at my great-aunts house(I don't have a great aunt). She gave me $10. I shouted, "Come on everyone! Lets go get cotton candy!" We all ran around crazily, and then we were back at the school, playing ping-pong. We had a tournament, and Alisa won. Then I woke up.

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My new farm!!

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i'm happy cuz i just found out i'm on the a honor roll and i just made a few new friends on the O today...yay! ^_^
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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Captain Jack
For those of you who saw that, i just wanted to see your reaction. i wouldn't actually marry jack. i just like the movie.
anyways here are some questions
1. What is your favorite movie
2. why is it your favorite movie
and 3. Why are you taking the time to answer these questions?

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