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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chapter 1: Perfect night...
Nintendo: When we were teens P1: Perfect night…

It was a cold, starry, and snowy night as everyone prepared for the dance. Mario and Luigi put on their tuxedos, Luigi with the green tux and Mario with the red tux, and walked out of the house.

“So, Mario, who were you thinking about asking to the dance?” Luigi asked as Mario shifted his gaze from the stars in the sky to the puzzled Luigi.

“I was thinking about asking…Peach.” Mario said and Luigi started teasing him about it which Mario responded by throwing a snowball at him. Luigi wiped it off and looked towards the ground as they continued to walk. Mario then thought of questioning him.

“So, what about you Luigi?” Mario asked.

“I was thinking about asking Daisy, but I don’t know.” Luigi said then quickly changed the subject. “Mario, we need to go over Fox’s house really quick.

“Why exactly?” Mario said making them come to a complete stop.

“To remind him of the dance tonight that’s why.” Luigi said knowing Fox’s forgetful mind because of his strict schedule. So they trekked through the deep snow going in the direction of Fox’s house. Once they got there they knocked on the door and he opened it.

“Hey guys what’s up?” He said dressed in a 3 piece red and black suit. They stood there stunned.

“We didn’t think you would remember.” They said at the same time and Fox just laughed.

“Of course I wouldn’t forget about the dance.” Fox said. “So you guys ready to go?” He asked and they just shook their heads and then started walking to the school, which is where they held the school dance. They entered the building and Peach was at a table talking to Daisy until she turned around to see who came in. She stopped talking and immediately became breathless. Daisy was tapping her but Peach was looking at Mario, he was the only thing running through her mind.

“Peach, are you okay?” Daisy asked her. She finally snapped back to reality looking at Daisy with a crazy look.

“Yes I’m fine.” Peach try to say calmly. Mario sat at another table with Fox and Luigi. Daisy just smiled at Peach. “What?”

“Little Princess is in love!” Daisy said rubbing Peach’s cheeks and Peach playfully hit Daisy on her hand. Mario got up and walked over to Peach.

“Peach, I was wondering-” Mario was cut off by Link.

“I was wondering if you would like to dance with me?” Link asked. Peach looked at him for awhile in his sparkling blue suit.

“Yeah, sure.” She answered him and he took her hand and she got up with him. Mario just stood there shocked as he could be. Daisy looked at him strangely as he just stood there.

“Mario, are you okay?” Daisy asked in her country accent. Mario just looked at her, and then Luigi walked over to Daisy.

“I was wondering…would you like dance with me?” Luigi asked nervously waiting for a reply. A smile came across her face as she sat her lemonade.

“No I wouldn’t like too…” She said which made him feel embarrassed as she continued to look at him. “I would love too.” She said giving him a wink and eased him greatly. She stretched out her hand and Luigi grabbed it lifting her up slowly out of her chair. Mario went back to sit with Fox. Fox looked at Mario as he just looked down at the table.

“Mario, are you alright because it doesn’t seem like you.” Fox said as Mario looked at him for awhile and decided to answer.

“Link beat me to her, I was right there and he just butted in!” Mario said holding a napkin which he was burning subconsciously. Fox smelled something burning and looked towards the scent. He looked at Mario and then finally said something.

“Mario, look at your hand.” Fox said as Mario looked at his hand and wave the napkin around so it will stop burning. A slow song started play as Peach and Link danced in circles. Link looked into her eyes and she looked back while dancing in her pink sparkling dress. Link move in closer, to kiss her, until she said something.

“No Link, we shouldn’t go that far.” Peach said and Link frowned up.

“And why not? You’re like the prettiest girl in our school.” Link said as he tried to kiss her again she pushed him off of her.

“No please. Let’s just dance.”

“I said no!” Peach shouted and walked back to her seat. Daisy gave Link a stern look before seeing how Peach was doing.

“Excuse me Luigi.” She said politely departing from Luigi. She walked over to Peach who was sitting silently watching the others. “What’s wrong Peach?” Daisy asked Peach.

“Link, that’s what’s wrong, I tried to get him not to kiss me but he kept on persisting so I left him.” Peach responded. At that Mario walked over to Peach again. She looked up at him and Daisy stood up.

“You want something Mario?” She said in defense because she didn’t want Peach to be pressured anymore.

“Mario, what do you want?” Peach asked in a more polite tone.

“Well I was wondering…would you like to dance with me?” Mario asked and Peach frowned.

“So you can try to force me to kiss too?” Peach asked.

“I’m different…trust me.” Mario replied as he stretched out his hand. She gave him a slight smile as she gave Mario her hand and he slowly got out the chair.

“Oh, Daisy? You kind of forgot about Luigi over there. I can’t stand to see him dancing by himself, it looks funny, and he is murdering the dance.” Mario said as her eyes got big and she walked back over to Luigi.

“Sorry about that Luigi.” Daisy said as he grabbed her hands and they started back dancing.

“Not to worry my dear, I could wait forever for a girl like you.” Luigi replied and then she gave him a sweet smile and started blushing. They danced and danced for a long time and it seemed like nothing could possibly go wrong on this night, this special, starry, and snowy night. Fox had even found a feline named Krystal and they weren’t dancing but they talked for a long time. This was a special night to remember; nothing could go wrong…could it?

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Hey everyone! I'm in a good mood today and I'm stopping on the StarFox series for awhile! I have a new one going and I really like how it's turning out so far! It's entitled "Nintendo: When we were teens"!

The story is about a normal life of mainly Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Peach, Fox, and Krystal. ((More will be added soon.)) But for now it's about those 3 pairs!

It's really showing a normal life of love, school, and sadness. Even break ups to make ups. You'll love it I promise or your money back! HAHA! Just joking. I hope you do though I post it in a few minutes! Hasta!

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

I feel random today! I'm going to put 100 random statements on here! Tomorrow that is! Later guys!
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Journal 1 *New*
I'm going to write how I feel each day.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007...

Dear Journal,

Today I feel full yet empty. On the outside I'm happy, but in the inside I'm sad. Bad things seems to follow me like a lost puppy, sad things seem to cling to me forever. Hateful things are my shadow, and my heart is my own burden. Like walking through a hot desert, desperate for someone to give me a drink of water. Like someone burning in a house, desperate for help...that is my mood today. Emo, dismal, and desperate, is my mood.


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