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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

i swear...
this year will be very interesting. i know i said i might not use this site but ehh i don't know i guess i kinda had the urge to since i updated my other one. but anyways i barely talk to anyone in like basically all my classes 'cept for gym/lunch, which is a let down because this year i was actually feeling more talkative and stuff ...-_- whatever. but then again it could be a good thing, to give me more time to not be distracted and concentrate and all but i don't know.

oh and my locker is in like pluto i swear, i can never get to it or anything and i don't know when but i'll need to be talking to guidance about this. despite the fact of certain things people are telling me. but yeah i still get to walk with my walking buddy which is awesome because it's nice being able to walk and talk with someone 'till i get to my bus, haha i don't know i guess i'm weird that way?

hmm oh yeah, and i don't really talk to anyone that i did last year because i don't see them anymore which is also a let down. oh well i guess this year'll be more work and focus in class and talking to basically only a couple of people? haha i don't know. but i just don't want it to be like work time already because honestly i'll be dead by then with the books and the fact that i'm not brining a backpack to school unless or until my locker is changed. i'm stubborn and difficult, i know and am well aware, but that's just me, love it leave it or deal. haha. ehh i'm kinda tired right now but not really, i do need to get some sleep though. so i guess i'll go, hopefully tomorrow'll be a good day :]

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Friday, August 31, 2007

the reason i stayed on here has pretty much moved on to another site,as have i. so i probably won't be on here anymore. sorry to those who i never got to reply back to in: guestbook entries, and comments.
also sorry to those i haven't talked to in a long long while :/

(there is a possibility that i will use this site again but who knows?)
'till whenever i guess

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

wtfs wrong with me?
sorry no time for hellos or anything right no.i got sort of a problem..its minor.i can't sleep.i can't take a nap.im so damn tired. i swear one of these days im just going to drop.this ever happen to any of you? and can you tell me how i might be able to fix it?
you see i can't sleep early.because i don't get tired till late.[my sleep schedule's always fucked]but i wake up pretty early. im going to try to take a sleeping pill like around the time my mom goes to bed so i'll see how that goes :]
anyways have a great day :]

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

hey :3 so im finally out of school.hahaha today was my last final: math&science. aww but i miss everyone already. :/

don't worry dear
you know i'm willing to say anything
oh and i can't wait for that day
the day we all reunite
and i hope they'll be there
because i'm ready
yes, im ready to be the only one
oh the only one with enough guts
to say anything to their faces
and don't even begin to try to stop me
becuase i don't care anymore
say what you want
talk about me
but this time to my face
instead of being a coward

bahaha shitty poem but oh well. anyways have a great day ^-^
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Currently Missing: balloonbear,bestieboobear,pika,All my friends[irl&online]

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

hihihello! guess what?! it's my birthday!!! bahaha i don't why i seem excited though?[im usually never excited for my bday X3] entee ways haha i ish sowwy i go type normal now :3 haha so anyways in school i got: tackle hugged,sung to,and then their were people who just said Happy Birthday haha. and uhm i got compliments bahaha[im not good at taking compliments(it's complicated X3)] so yeah that was pretty cool. and uhm uhh yeah.bahaha so my moms boyfriend completely forgot about my birthday;he actually picked mybrother&i up from the bus stop and he never said anything to me but oh well whatever i hate him anyways so it's all good :3

haha i almost missed my bus! because of my friend,i went with her to get a year book.hahaha i hate my picture =/ andandand OH YEAH!! today's also my friend and my friendssisters birthday ^^ and! bahaha i got the 1st and 2nd[new] Paramore CD LAST NIGHT!! and i also got a shirt[not a paramore one :/],bracelets,and necklaces last night[and no not for my bday X3] and uhmm yeah bahaha i dont really know what to ty---OH! tomorrow's my last day of all my classes cuz next week is finals :/ i love my study hall&lunch...oh well :/ ? and aww tomorrow's the last day i get to walk with my walking buddy bahaha im giving him&everyone a hug tomorrow lololol.well the people i won't see because of finals...haha yeah i'll shut up now! [this is the part where you're relieved X3]
have a great day ^^

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[for your information yes i do still like pokemon bahaha i've loved it ever since it came out :x]

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