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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday|February 9|2008 Time : 6:39

Seems like I was missed alot. Glad you guys commented, I missed everyone too. Especially my long friends from all my other accounts. I'm at my mothers again. My father is getting a new internet, but it'll take a long time..or maybe forever! I hope not, I really miss you guys enough today!

Anyways, I've decided to go into the Anime Expo in July. It's in L.A., wish you guys could come. I'm hosting a skit with the Anime club, oh and to all who think they guy who looks like L, his nickname IS L, but his real name ia Devin. He's a real close friend of mine. He's one year older than me, alot people say I'm his girlfriend since I hug him alot, and give a friendly kiss on the cheek once is a while. NO I don't like like him, I like him as a friend. Don't think he's my type..oh well.

Well, since I missed alot, tell me about your days, months, whatever. Tell everything.

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