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Hello there my fine anime/manga lovers!
and welcome to my profile! im not to sure how to make it all crazy cool like everyone elses so if you could help me out with that thx! ive only put 1 pic up but im going to start adding more! <( "<) <( " )> (>" )> also if anyone has anything on drawing female and male bodies greatly appreciated! Also my deviant is Silenc3r2000!

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

you know whats crazy!
is the fact that Naruto in Japan is almost on volume 34!!! i mean were on 11 here! maybe thats why im starting too see naruto drawing and stuff that i have no clue who that is! lol just wanted to say that!
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Monday, October 9, 2006

   future job?
you know yesterday i was watching spirited away and they had this little thing on the art of it all and seeing what they get to do all day i really think im gonna strive to work there since princess mononoke and spirited away are like 2 of my favorite movies and plus i get to draw all day! lol so well see how it goes but im wondering about it all!
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hey i asked this question saturday and i need an answer! since i dont know if i should become a full fledged artist or what since i acctually wanna work at studio ghibli! you know how artists barely get paid?! well what about like an animator or illustrator or cartoonist is it like the same? like if you had your own manga like masashi kishimoto how much pay is that? i just wanted to know for future reference :P plz answer!

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Sunday, October 8, 2006

direct your attention to yesterdays post about pay cuz i want some answers! g'bye!
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