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I have a girlfriend...mwhahahahahahaha LEAVE ME ALONE! homophobos!

I like lots of Yaoi X3
hardcore, fluff, childness! i love it all! serious, you can't give me any Yaoi i wouldn't like **

Repeat. Revolt. Repulse. Heartbeat. Ear to chest. Black & white, Thank you & Goodnight.

i play video games till my brain bleeds
i ♥ Yaoi/Buttsecks

I hate morinings
I hate to be shaken awake even more.
I dont even sleep that often.
Why pester me?
I'm going to piss in there luggage.


....It's raining.
And im stuck inside.

Ohmy what a perfect time to fuck with peoples minds

I have wrecked shopping carts.
other shopping carts....

I've fondled the bouncy balls in the kids isle..
only to "drop" them.
and make them hit other things (or poeple) in fallowing isles.

Things that are good ->

-Vincent Valentine
-Harvey Birdman, attorney at law
-Crme Brule
-Asssemblage 23
-Kaizer's Orcherstra
-Black Umbrellas
-The smell of Porcelain
-Tinfoiled Windows
-Smashing cellphones
-Gory/Bloody overlyviolent

Things that are bad ->

-Emo media
-The taste of one's own sweat
-Daft Punk
-Breakfast food
-The Sun
-Chauchy clothing
-Chauchies in general
-Some spicy food
-Employment in the service industry
-Lazy, jobless, self-centered, over-indulged teenagers with no future
-Cranky old people that did nothing with thier lives but complain
-Humorless censored comedy

Its all about the deja vu, baby XD

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

   Bathroom and hallway
i was in the bathroom at school , and there was grafitti on the wall. it read "This place is a prison" and i wanted to fuck up whoever put that shit on the wall......cuz why oh why did they write that before i did?....but for real i would never vandolize something if its not mine

when walking to one of my claases i fell down the stairs and before that i had somehow walked into someones history book, it was pretty hilarious, cuz the hallway was packed full of people...all kinds of people...and someone called out "Where's Waldo?"

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

lets see, yesterday i dyed my hair Hot pink
uh i got denided a lip ring becosue i have to wait till im 16, yet i still was able to get a eyebrow ring. my outfit from cosmates came in, and i orderd a backpack, and some pins from cafepres...uh i poked myself 15 times will sewing((i was pissed off at the time, so sewing while pissed is a BAD idea)).

so nothnig great happened...sept at k-mart, i passed a nun and she crossed her self when she looked at me o.0..for somereason nuns dont like me, dont know why

later i went to the pool at where i live and a little girl came up to me and asked if i was a vampire, and i've been told to never correct little kids so i said yes.after that she walked away.next that kid i babysit walked up to me with her and said that i was wrong, that i was not a vampire but the spawn of satan, becosue he remeberd me telling him that vampires cant go in the light, and that they dont cast reflections.
i just stood their and said that i could be both, and that i eat little kids souls and then i laughed,the girl started crying saying that she wanted her soul and the boy asked if he could sell his soul for a cookie, i was like i could just cook you and bake you into a cookie, is that a good idea?...then they both started cryng and ran to their mommys >.>
>.> kids are so cute XD

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