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Name- Annie
THings that make Annie happy
2.people tripping( I have a problem)
3.Guys(mmm yummy)
4.Obnoxious Screamo Music!!!
5.The voices(you know who you are...)
6. GIR!!!!!!

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I don't draw(cuz i suck)
i take pictures(atleast i think they are good)
I am a member of the "Happy Ninja Squad"
Me and my pet arm (Jocke') will defeat the killer munchins ....
I tend to flow through life unnoticed ..i like it that way.
My friends rock my world...LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

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Friday, March 7, 2008

heath food this and you cant do that!
WTF! ok so im trying to not eat meat but its sooo hard when your mom hates you for it! i mean she can't control everything i do
so now i have to write a list of all the foods ill eat that arnet meat?
she cant give me homework
god i just want to run away right now....she doesnt even get that becuase of her im sinking further and further back into my deppresion....
its all about her and hummility doesnt factor in.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

well! i can't comment or pm (grr im going insane!)
so yea
umm i got a myspace heres a link add me if you like

so yep
um ima dye my hair orange and black coontails! yay!!!!!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

  IM SO HAPPY!!!!! first of all i got a vampire freaks (since i lost my password to my other account)
add me!
umm ye so thats it for me o and i ...*sigh* just to happy to explain!!!

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Monday, February 25, 2008

messed up
Well....my mother is feeling particularly hostile today.....i dyed my hair red and while i had the dye on she wouldnt even let me play guitar hero..(cuz' " your going to get dye on the controller)like you even care !!!..WTF!
she needs a dose of hummility!!!!!! its her way or nothing! and if you are acualy capable of doing something for yourself, she is right there to put her imput in and try to control the situation....
this is why when im 18 im moving out and disowning her as a mother(if she can even be called as much)
she is a stuck up cow and i am seriously thinking of taking that stick out of her ass before it gets permanetly stuck up there.!.!

in other news my life seems to be going just dandy...no complaints.......NOT!
everything is messed up and ive been having those thoughts agian...but like i said there is no-one in my house to talk to and my best friends are no help-one is just like me so i can't get the other opinion on what is different- and the other would never get that i am having these thoughts altogether- and the others....O GOD! they would tell theyre parents as soon as the forrbidon word slipped my tongue.
so im stuck to my poems and my journal...which is missing (how lovely) so...im screwed
but thanks for reading my pessimist entry!

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

: (
My journal is in colorado with my friend.....im sad....
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