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Thursday, September 7, 2006

My First Rally!
We had a rally in the gym last week. There were blue and yellow balloons, cheerleaders on blue stools, a paper football field on the basketball floor with the yard lines and everything, stremmers, and the marching band, except they were standing, in the corner. I'll just mention the funny part. A cheerleader went to the middle of the paper football field. She said something and then another school's name. She stood there, like she was waiting for something to come from the doors. Nothing. She said the rival school's name again and our male P.E teachers came out with white bandanas and baggy pants, looking very much like gangsters. One teacher had a bird on his head. (the rival school's name was a bird, but I can't remember it right now)They were in a circle saysing stuff like how they'll wipe the bottoms off the football team like last year. All the students booed. Then they said that they could even beat the cheerleaders. The teachers got in a line and then Justin Timberlake's song played. The teachers had some pretty good moves.At the end they all lifted up my P.E teacher in the air, doing a peace sign. The crowd went wild. As they were leaving, the teacher with the bird on his head went up to a cheerleader and made it bob up and down right in front of her face.
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Thursday, July 27, 2006


What kind of anime girl would you be? (with great pics)

You have a hurt sole=( You are still young but some thing bad has happened when you were younger, and you can't get over it. That bad thing caused reality to hit to fast and when you were still a kid you acted like a adult.
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Last night like at 11:20 I woke up(I was the only one asleep) to the sound of a slamming door and my mother's frantic voice. "He almost got in!" My mother told me that she was just reading in the kitchen when she heard a loud crash in our backyard. We get a lot of posseums and cats in our yard, so my mom opened the back door to shoo the animal away. Instead of an animal my mom saw a man with a short buzz cut. My mom said that the man looked like he was about to come in when she slammed the door and locked it. A few seconds later she heard the man going through or over our side gate.( He probably jumped over it since it's hard to open it unless you know the trick to get it open.) A few seconds later a police man was searching our neighbor's yard and asked us our address. Then my mom told him that he just left our yard. It was crazy. There were cop cars all around the neighborhood and helocopters too. I couldn't sleep. I was paranoid of all the noises, thinking it was the criminal. And since we had all the windows closed for security, it was HOT!! I woke up about four times. I hate waking up in the middle of the night. I also slept the wrong way so my right shoulder blade hurts.
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Monday, July 24, 2006

   Saturday (Yes, I know today is Monday)
Well thank my lucky stars, I went to Comic-Con!And I saw...ready? The voice actors of Sokka and Zuko from Avatar(Woo!!)and the author of Rurouni Kenshin!!!! I even got the author's autograph!!!!Isn't that awesome?!?!?!?!Sigh..good times,good times. If you've seen the movie Labyrinth--with David Bowie--Tokyopop is making a manga out of it. It's going to be mainly about Toby becoming the heir to the throne of Goblin City. It's sort of like a sequel to the movie. The makers said that they're planning on make it three to four books long. Now back to the author of Rurouni Kenshin. There was a conference room where we could ask some questions and the author would answer them and add in some things. Since he didn't know English, there was a translator there too.( He did know the words "Thank You" though)I don't remember all the questions, so I'll just put the ones I remember.
--After Shishio died, did he ever take over hell?
"So far, he's only conquered the main parts."
--Did Misao and Aoshi get together?
"Yes and they got married."
--What did you use to come up with Kenshin's sword style?
"I used a real sword style. To some up with the moves I used my wooden sword at home and swung it around like a child. I was also inspired by some of the moves in the video games."
--If you could dress like someone from Rurouni Kenshin, who would it be?
" I'd probably would have to lose some weight first, but I would wrap myself in bandages and be Shishio."
And there were other questions, but I can't remember them right now. The answers I put are pretty much close to what he said, or at least what I remembered.

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